This is Samsung DeX.

UPDATE: This app fixes DeX apps not going full screen and a lot of other cool stuff

Sale on the DeX here
LiiR wireless keyboard
Asus monitor
My phone Galaxy S8+ (unlocked)

Recommended cases:
Samsung crystal case
SLEO case
SLEO black case
Leather case
Minimal case round up video

Pros and Cons:
On sale often. add the link link above to your cart and monitor it. currently on sale for $125
Great looking desktop
4k appears to be working now on my 4k TV looks amazing.
Pretty functional Android PC
Mouse/keyboard work great
Higher productivity
Remote works
Quick launch and notifications work really well
Lock screen IS available in desktop mode
Camera apps work in DeX.

A few apps would not run at all. For example Dog Catcher my podcast app. (UPDATE Doggcatcher works when using DeX station software mentioned above).
Media apps could not go full screen in desktop mode. Netflix, Hulu, Plex, Kodi
In desktop mode audio only outputs through phone (can output to HDMI in mirroring mode). (UPDATE HDIM fixed w DeX station software)
I paid $150, I think $80-$125 would be a fair price
Slight noise through monitor speakers occasionally
Takes a little getting used to using mouse
Wish there was an option to single click desktop icons
Wish there were themes for icons on DeX desktop the way the phone can
Would like to see right mouse button become back button

My brother’s YouTUbe Channel:
Mountain Tech Review

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Audio Jungle Urban


stussy1100 says:

This is really good but the pricing is way to much better of getting a standalone minix u1 or xiaomi box for half the price

Jeremy Rudd says:

Great review of Dex!

lifesaball says:

that’s a nice monitor..may I ask the make and model please?

Cristal Bohemia says:

Can it run PC games like Minecraft and Steam games or Google Play games?

Zenobio Oibonez says:

If this was a device for. Apple or Microsoft, the price would be more like $200!

Cesar Ortiz says:

this is the future

Marcus Henry says:

Why a poor black child

4FunRC says:

Hey! :*) You’ve done a great job with this vid explaining DEX. Thx!
Do you have anything about printing via DEX? Thx again! :*)

A & S Vines says:


505 NM Burquelobo says:

this is nice but would be awesome if it would work with all Android phones

einc70 says:

Dex 2.0 needs to include speakers so you can listen to music watch videos and respond to calls. Everything MacOS dreamed of. Lol.

Chris Kross says:

great stuff, cant wait to get my dex this days, I will test my xbox 360 usb controller with GTA-SA also 🙂 was working on my Note 4

D. Reyna says:

But but but…….Apple has a red iphone!!

ODTMedia says:

Why a poor black child? Jerk

EZLIFE says:

Find how to connect PC speakers to Dex. Watch my video.

BoomOpera Music says:

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Timothy Lemons says:

That was racist bro

Todd Shull says:

I’m not seeing the $116 sale price when I click on your link in the description. It shows $139.99 when I go there. Oh well….

Micah says:

The price is now $100

sutthinunt ungtrongjitr says:

very usefull indeedy.

Dorian Miranda says:

Did you figure out if can have audio out to TV?

Nestor Gonzalez says:

Does this work on an iMac

Frank Mix & Tutoriales says:

Hey men how can you record the pc screen when you are using the Samsung s8 plus ??

Wild Hunter says:

I see dead of Windows

Rounak Dutta says:

Don’t do drugs, kids.

Darrell Williams says:

Why oh why did you voice text THOSE words? THAT’S what came to mind???? Wow….2017!

Randomized says:

I thought dex was only for the note 8!

Tim C says:

What if I want to just connect the HDMI and USB for charging and use it the DEX as a glorified ‘dock’. I don’t want to connect a mouse or keyboard to the Dex. Can I still use my PC mouse and keyboard to interact with my phone? IE Answer texts with my PC keyboard and sync music and movies to my phone?

Bryan Bathan says:

Hi @Tech Connect, can I use Dex on a laptop?

nateliontrueleo 404 says:

I love my Samsung dex

Austin prichard says:

Can you use through the browser and full screen It?

Haitham Mohamed says:

Thank u for sharing

Ebraheem Hoseen says:

thank you

koolkatken says:

It is a good idea, but unfortunately, I see this going the way of the dodo bird. Not many apps actually exist to take advantage of this and they probably won’t be updating much more than it is…

Uplifting Music says:

Great review!

Btw, what remote is that, what brand? do you need to press button to move the cursor or no need?

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