The World’s First True Wireless charging Device

You don’t need to fight for power when you can charge up to five devices from a single Pi. Sharing power has never been this easy.

Pi is the first company to deliver a truly wireless charger for consumers. Its secret power? Our proprietary platform: the world’s first magnetic field-shaping algorithm.

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Sounds like Tim cook

放送181 says:

Where can I get one

X Combat says:

How much is it really?

ZomeDash // Levi says:

Similar to ”upcoming android devices”, you mean ones that have existed for many years?

Pigeon says:

When he said “if you want pie in your kitchen” i said no

totally CHILD FRIENDLY says:

qi if u invert the q in qi u get pi

Feli 26500 says:

Take my money!!!

Peter DaBoss says:

Tesla would’ve done this if there wasn’t any failures

Matthew W. says:

So in order for this to work, to need the Pi case?

UnNotchslayer1 Games says:

This might be fake…

Loser banana player X80 says:


Lobster Boi says:

Not first tho

Omar Zenati says:

lol those are battery cases

b i t c h says:

they have a case on for charging bitch wtf?? 2:55

Zayn Rashid says:

just add a frickin clip to a regular one lol

Parker 57845 says:

This is fake Edit: they are using battery cases and iPads also don’t have wireless charging

Saifu Nazer says:

so its gonna take longer to charge…yeah?

supercrazymario404 says:

It’s been about a year since the prototype was made and STILL no true wireless charging from anyone

Zavia fick says:

It’s fake they have wireless charging cases! Like if u agree

IknowSkript.mp4 says:

1:57 I think he is nervous! The Person Right in the Video

Loser banana player X80 says:

This is charging iPhone case

Game Tech says:

Why this device is not popular in 2018?

Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget says:

Not first there is wirelles battery packs

Ilyan Arts says:


Jose Romero M says:

Boy, why tf r they acting like samsung didnt have that before the iphone

The Mix says:

Its funny how the “special case” is just a normal battery case (otherwise it would be much thinner) and you can see the guy turn it on.

Kade De Luca says:

A maxi pad is needed

LightenStar // TurboLighten says:

How about charging our phones from Solar Powered.

Yan Sihan Sky says:

You still have to keep it close so its pretty much the same thing

Mxdanger says:

It’s the future of wireless charing and it doesn’t even use usb-c.

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