“Sitting is the new smoking!” they tell you. But are standing desks actually a better option? I read dozens of research articles and summarized the current state of the literature in this video.

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My standing desk setup:
Water bottle I love:

Time Stamps
00:48 The Evidence Against Sitting
02:04 The Evidence FOR Standing
04:56 So Where Does It Leave Us?
06:55 Actionable Steps


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Trilobyte says:

Smoking this wonderful weed while eating pickled eggs will kill you

George Rady says:

Oh, rats, I thought laying down most of the day was Best of All!!!

Chevster_is _gud says:

How about tredmill desks?

Ashes Feu says:

What about treadmill desks? A desk where you’re constantly walking while on the job?
My dad has one, because he found himself falling asleep at a sitting desk and needed constant movement

nym053 says:

Everything in moderation imo 🙂

Javier Fernández-Viña says:

Sit for a part of the time, stand for a part of the time. Go for a walk during lunch.

Torlek Jpec says:

Best to have a desk that you can stand and sit at.

Heidi Meisenkothen says:

Well done! Just subscribed. Thanks for pulling together the literature on this.

Meredith O'Donnell says:

My back hurts more when standing for long periods of time

Popo Bawa says:

Your title and premise are really quite pompous. These are _some truths_ about standing desks. Framing it as The Truth makes this all sound more definitive and conclusive than it really is. Obviously, there are many things that can be said about standing desks – or indeed anything else – that _are true._

bijgiean says:

Everything in moderation.

Deeth Irteen says:

20:30 Blinking causes blindness!

Kaiser Frost says:

Having a desk is bad. Humans did not evolve to stare at flat objects and not move for hours on end.

András says:

For me the answer is a saddle chair with no backrest with a higher than normal desk. It’s like middle ground between standing and sitting and it also forces you to move often since there is nothing to rest your back on. I am surprised this isn’t more popular. The setup was obscenely expensive tho, since there is no affordable way to get a chair like that in my country.

btchard says:

the video is good. the only thing is the “staying hydraded” voodoo. The biggest B.S. story i have heared in my lifetime.

Mad -Pac says:

According to the latest research, standing makes me tired and makes me wanna sit down. Seriously, I’m 55 and there’s no way I’d take a job that would require me to stand all day. I just don’t know how those kids who work in supermarkets, book stores or clothing stores manage to do it. However I’m surprised you suggested something I already do, which is drink lots of water, with lots of visits to the toilet. And I have to admit a standing desk for part of the time is an interesting alternative I’d never have thought about by myself.

Tarson Talon says:

What about the negative effects of listening to fake news? That’s pretty lethal. Look at all the vegans that are now having severe health problems because they were told meat was bad, and vegetables are only good. Look at what happened when the media claimed the Titanic was ‘unsinkable’. Look at all the wars that happened on false pretenses. Look at all the deaths the support of communism causes.

I mean honestly, propagation of falsehoods might actually be the least healthy thing that exists!

Zer0 says:

Seems to me that the best setup would leave the options open so you can sit when you’re tired of standing and stand when you’re tired of sitting.

pisse3000 says:

I just think it’s nice to have the option of either standing or sitting. I’d say that on a given day I probably stand and sit an equal amount of time. Porque no los dos?

Polina Sabina says:

I worked half a year as a receptionist on a standing desk and it was HELL.
I don’t know if the height of the desk was wrong but I had major back pains and acquire tendonitis on my right arm.
Only one chair for two people, and it was BROKEN.
Also, it was an under-pressure, stressing, you-can’t-even-go-the-bathroom, your-boss-don’t even-care kind of job, as most of these job at standing desks are. Because that’s the main issue, really. They even advise you to do some stretching exercises but the work load was so goddam big sometimes that if we did the exercises we would have to work – longer- over time without paying

Dominus says:

those knee chairs are pretty good

Benjamin Franklin says:

Standing benefits is largely being pushed by corporations in order tomake employees more obedient. They want to make office workers stand in place all day just like they did with cashiers. Capitulating to the rule of standing has a psychological effect of increasing obedience and reducing tendency to dissent. The slaves have to be made to submit.

Daedalus says:

Standing desk with a tall chair is better than height adjustable tables. Set the table to your height and forget. Don’t bother wasting time lowering/raising every few hours.
Start the day standing for an hour, sit for 30mins, stand again for 30 mins, take your break go to the water cooler and do office gossip, back to the desk, try alternating between standing and sitting. This activity in no way will burn more calories or help you lose weight, but will definitely help you in reducing the back pain and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Beck Stein says:

I drink more water and solved the walking to the toilet problem by wearing a diaper

markotrieste says:

The solution is to WORK LESS; looking forward for a WHO recommendation in that sense…

Sam-pie says:

Millenials : *use standing desks and eat avocado toasts*

New generations: guess I’ll die

Dean Stiles says:

Yeah I have always argued that sitting is not detrimental to your health. It seems ludicrous to me to think that something as normal as sitting, something that has been done by every human being a lot throughout the entire history of humanity, is as dangerous as smoking.

lalala lelele says:

are standing desks for home use a thing? lol that sounds so hipster

Nathan Kayhan says:

Standing desks have got to be better for your back at the very least.

Mike Kean says:

I don’t like the idea of standing desks. These days, there are too many mean spirited employers who will force people to stand 24/7 just because they can.

Louis Victor says:

Shocking news: barely moving one way is about as bad as barely moving another way. Are people seriously this dense? I guess so.

Computer George says:

I agree with this video mostly. Lifestyle problem for me is being unable to cut out driving. I’m 30 minutes from town in either direction, in a steep isolated canyon, with no public transit.
Driving is pretty much my only option to go anywhere, and housing in town is waaaaaaaaaay too expensive! ‘Murika.
Just got back surgery, probably largely because of it, so I have my own anecdotal evidence against sitting, among other things.

John Wilson says:

I got an ad for Standing Desks right before the video 😀

ThomasstevenSlater says:

If the design doesn’t work, change the design. Especially for bodies as your stuck with them all the time.

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