STOP PAYING FOR YOUR HOME PHONE – Let Google do it for Free!

Sorry for the wait! This video is all about finally cancelling your ancient home phone line through your cable company, and how to keep it through Google Voice for free! It also touches on how I cut my bill in half after my cable company doubled it every month, and even tripled my internet speed while I was at it!

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GEIST says:

What if you have no service active on your phone line ?? an use satellite broadband ?

Yasmin Sumar says:

Spectrum is a bully, they always push you into triple package, if you cancel one the price of the phone or internet goes up so you are stuck. They raise the cable but cut down your chanel. They have control over your cable box and can change the chanel and also internet what you download. Horrible!

Your PCMD says:

You will be charged $20 by Obihai per year to keep using this device for VoIP after the first year of service.

64 bit says:

I’m beginning to think that you really like Google hey so do I!

nexus 6p all the way

Dennis W says:

I have been using ooma for years. $5 a month after buying the base. Works great.. I am FED UP with what they charge me for TV though.

JpR says:

It is fantastic !!!! Complicated !!!! And how much of talk….

Rhonda Kelley says:

T mobile does not work in my area. What then. I do not live near a city.

2angies19 says:

You have a clear and nice voice.

Mike Wheeler says:

Magicjack has a network connection so you DON’T need to plug it into your computer any more. I CALL BUULSHIT!!! ALSO, can you have more than one phone # per household by using 2 obies?. I have 2 magic jacks at my house with 2 different phone #s.

tammygurl64 says:

You mentioned purchasing the SIM and then returning it for a refund. Sounds easy BUT… Did you need to have a spare cell phone to put the new SIM in in order to port it over or was there info on the SIM package that allowed you to port the number over without having a prepaid phone? Please help. Thx!

David Billiot says:

I did this same thing only I set up Google Voice through Callcentric and I use a regular Analog Telephone Adapter. It cost me $5 to Callcentric as prepaid credit so that I don’t have to worry about them messing with my setup if I don’t use it that much.

KiLoW001 says:

lol that LISP !

Derek Straka says:

quick question how did you go about porting the number to the tmobile card then return it to the store… dont you have to activate it in order to port the number?

Spencer Garn says:

Can u use regular old school phone or does it have to be a voip phone? Is obi charge monthly fees or just the cost of the device

Eligedo MYAH says:

you talk toooooooooooo much!

Vic Orlando says:

UPDATE FOR 2018; GOOGLE MODEM WITH WIFI WILL COST YOU $75 USD ALSO, T-Mobile will require you to purchase the card with minimum of $10 with a total of $20 for setup to card. Porting with google requires you to have a T-mobile device to punch in the access code they send to the number you’re porting. Googles fee is also $20 so, you’ll be $100 give or take to have a free phone with an old cable number. Also takes about a week to complete the entire process. Google voice is worth it!
Quality is excellent. Number falls off your internet bill. Getting a good value for Internet not so much.

eathealthier4u says:

Wellllll, everything online is a matter of public knowledge (forever). So as long as you like your conversations recorded – no problem.

Ron Carter says:

I use textnow. Can put it on any machine. speakers. And headset. BOOM.

xl says:

Ads are getting smarter.

Frances Lockhart says:

Is it an entry vulnerability for hackers?

Tasnim Arif says:

How to identify incoming google voice / primary line calls ??

tikabass says:

What about Google’s ever shadier commitments about your privacy?

Rockos Basilisk says:

Obihai charges eventually for you to keep using the device you already bought…

Flashenergy4u says:

awsome, wordpress is Amazing …

Vampy Fox says:

And make it easier for all your communications to be listened to and saved! How marvellous! Just what we all want!


vonshango says:

so how do you make calls? do you plug a handset or DECT phone into this setup somehow? maybe demo a call?

tblbaby says:

What if you don’t have a home phone line and use cable?

Angel Simms says:

I need talk to my husband about this since he pays everything on the cable, not just the cable and phone and everything that in house. So I don’t think Google will pay for that too.

Aneesh Alex says:

you have a sweet voice

Krewlluv Guru says:

Subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you….Please. Thank you. ….. There…done. Now your turn.

Don Peters says:

Can Google Voice give me a new number?  I do not want to import my cellular phone number.  I noticed that you mention that Google Voice gives you a choice?

Megalyssa007 says:

Who uses google for things like this? Not me

Matthew Craig says:

Do you actually have to buy a cell phone too as described in the instructions?

ron045 says:

Thanks… Not very easy and not a quick process (7 Days) but I did follow your steps and they worked. Longest part was porting the landline to a tracfone and then to Google. Now I only pay for internet. Cut Cable TV and the Phone. Bill went from $215 to $74.

Chunky Rivera says:

My computer is always on. I probably should turn it off when IM not home

Top Pay Position says:

I’m opening a new tech company that supplies a direct inward dialup number and much more for 395 a year.

Alex Sage says:

I don’t even have to use the ob box…

Roy Jones says:

The MagicJack info is not accurate. I have had a MagicJack for a few years and my PC does not have to be on for it to work, instead it is connected directly to my modem through WIFI. The MagicJack which he speaks of is from about 2013 – 2014.

an-internet-user says:

Hey, you moron, way too much bass in your voice. Altering the voice like that is unnatural and very stupid !!

Janina Simons says:

+Dev great job, just sold your soul to the devil and google spying to save $60 America must be a real SH*TH*LE. I get 300gig per month for $49 and I didnt have to get a google spying machine in my house…. guess you have a smart phone, TV, etc… way to go…. no wonder USA is the pits…. oh boy….. and all the hangers on, none realise the the google box is another spy in your house… enjoy 🙂 LOL

Eeveecrystal123 says:

So, can you read a book for us, your voice is awesome.

Ruhul Amin Choudory says:

I am from UK, was so excited to get Google Voice after watching this vide; only to realise its only available in USA

anes amm says:

even $10/month is a lot of money for archaic landline service

conrad markert says:

Does this work for international calls to Germany, Peru, Canada, etc?

tammygurl64 says:

Just wanted you to know you gave me an idea that may help my friend’s elderly mother who is partially blind and deaf, who sometimes stays alone, and can’t afford to pay a monitoring service and is so blind she can’t see to use a phone of any kind. They have cable so they didn’t think they could get an emergency 911 dialer lanyard without a landline. After seeing your video, I was searching for a solution for her when I found the Guardian on Amazon for $149 with no monthly monitoring fees because it dials directly to 911 with a push of a single button and allows for 2-way communication. I think I can make it work with your instructions here by replacing a phone with The Guardian 911 dialer (as long as the Obi creates a dial tone). Thank you again for this idea!

PS- Maybe you could make a safety/tech video about it so other elderly or disabled people needing something like this could save money by setting it up with Google Voice. You really made a great presentation here!

Have a nice day!

Cruzredeye says:

Does that work for TTY phones

Jakob says:

1:11 is that Sonic adventure?

WolvenSpectre says:

Wish I could I do this in Canada. Because the CRTC are asshats about transfering numbers or even letting voip services use numbers I would have to use a long distance number locally to send/receive calls. Makes Google Voice useless to me even though I have had an account for many years now. That and not being able to use Cable Card TV tumers like you can in the US ticks me right off.

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