RealSpace Magellan Expresso Desk Review from OfficeDepot

This is my review for the RealSpace Magellan Expresso Desk From OfficeDepot . I said Office Max But i meant Office Depot Sorry guys!!! Heres the link to where you can buy it

The price is $139.00 which I think is an amazing price , you get an amazing desk for the price !! With shipping and tax $179.62 so great price guys . I love it so far !!


Harish S says:

u said officemax?

14thBloodline says:

Jeez i just bought mine for 345 with the hutch. They had a deal so i grabbed the hutch with it. Alone, the desk was 279!

Eric Nord says:

Thanks for the review, been looking for more info on this desk I ordered for $139 – $20 coupon. I wanted to get the hutch too but it was not on sale and actually cost more than the desk which is crazy. What tools did you need to set up, arre you considering getting the hutch?? hopefully frankie doesnt scratch yours up. Thanks again!

Void Kassadin says:

You probably don’t monitor the comments on this video anymore but I’m still going to ask– What are the measurements of the keyboard try? I have a fairly large keyboard (Logitech G19) and I wanted to know if I could place it on the keyboard try alongside my mouse. Right now I have a desk that has a keyboard tray of 26.5″.

AStas12 says:

Quick question do you think it is big enough to hold a 32 inch tv an xbox one a ps4 a 23 inch monitor a 24 inch tv and a keyboard?

AStas12 says:

Quick question do you think this is desk is big enough to hold a 32 inch tv a 23 inch monitor a 24 inch tv a xbox one a ps4 and a keyboard?

Trenton Aiello says:

Helpful review! Thanks for giving the measurements!!!

Mine Hex says:

LOL. You said you “DID” your wife.

Jason Abbott says:

During install can the desk be reversed so the return is on the left instead of the right?

CSIG1001 says:

When you have time can you please measure the inside cabinet where the desktop is supposed to be housed? The inside measurement exactly . I have quite a large cube about 10.5 inches and 5 cm

LemonSipper says:

Quick question, I was wondering what the dimensions were for the computer caddy?

Jaina Proudmoore says:

When in the hell did you buy this? This thing went way up in price! Its almost 300!

Manuel Pantoja says:

thank you

Budderz says:

I got this desk…. Messed up the superglue part them got pissed and kicked a piece and broke ot

devwreck127 says:

Someone actually started off his review by giving measurements! If the Like button automatically transferred $100 to you from my bank account, I’d still click it.

longwalkshortpier says:

Is it spacious and does it scratch easily? That was never mentioned.

Kaitlynn nguyen says:

Do draws make a sound when you open them? I just assembled them, it make sound like it stuck.


This vid got my like because of Frankie.

MrCreamySauce says:

Thankyou for a quality review! I will definitely be subscribing to your channel. 😀

BlazedMarsHD says:

Just bought it for $219, came with the hutch. Expected to be here tomorrow 🙂

Time says:

I have this desk and i have scratched it to hell and i have only had it for 2 months but it is mainly in the corners and on the drawers but i’m fine with it cause its not that noticeable. Do You still own this desk and If you do what is its current Condition?

AStas12 says:

Quick question do you think it is big enough to hold a 32 inch tv an xbox one a ps4 a 23 inch monitor a 24 inch tv and a keyboard?

Obez45 says:

What breed is your dog Frankie?

DJSHAL0M says:

I just got this desk but with the hutch too. Very nice desk!

Liquidizings says:

I’ve been looking for a good L shaped desk and I noticed online this desk has a top piece attached if I wanted could I just not use that top piece?

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