Planet Gemini Review: A Tiny Computer With Big Ideas

Normally when I review a product, the question I’m trying to answer is whether it’s worth the asking price. But the Planet Gemini PDA was crowdfunded, willed into existence by almost 6,000 people pooling over $2 million on Indiegogo so that Planet Computers could build a modern version of the classic Psion PDA.

Not ringing a bell? That’s okay; the Psion only achieved wide popularity in Europe, and that was a long time ago. Still, the Psion captured many hearts by virtue of its legendary QWERTY keyboard – a keyboard faithfully reproduced by the folks at Planet and mated with a smartphone/tablet to become the Planet Gemini PDA.

Is it a smartphone? A tiny computer? A revived personal organizer? Bits of all three, really … and I’d be doubtful for its prospects out in the “real world” but for the little detail of its fully-funded status. So now that Planet Gemini devices are rolling off the assembly line and into eager buyers’ hands, let’s take a look at how it performs out in the real world! Join me for the Planet Gemini review on MrMobile!


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MrMobile’s Planet Gemini Review was produced following two weeks with a Planet Gemini review device. The unit was tested in Barcelona, Spain and Boston, MA, USA on T-Mobile US.


Planet Gemini PDA [Indiegogo]:

Planet Gemini PDA forums at OESF:


“Escapade” by Vincent Tone, available at Premium Beat:

“Tidal Lines” by Ryan Carlson, available at Premium Beat:



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Crazcompart says:

Interesting… Not exactly what I would use on a mobile basis, but I’m sure a few that need something small and laptop-like for business correspondence on the fly (that never quite caught on to the Blackberry realm) would love it…

Therapeutic Tech Talk says:

Great video! Thanks taking a look at these odd products!

Raccoonista says:

I can’t overlook that screen wobble

Dave-A-Flav says:


mhs vz says:


Hypnotic Blaze says:

Professional, objective review. Thank you.

This Gemini Backer invested in the Gemini for its better-than (IMHO) smartphone functionality because of its keyboard, larger screen, long-charge-holding battery and pocket size. I hate the loathsome touch-screen-blocking pop-up keypad of even the largest smartphone and tablets. Have you noticed smartphones are getting bigger? They are.

Frankly, the pretty much all-in-one Gemini V1 WiFi, 4G device and its future, improved, new iterations will prove (The Universe and Plant Computing willing) are a great deal and superior to nose-bleeding, annual / bi-annual purchases of iPhones, et al, as well as still pricey, mini-laptops and ever-larger WiFi-only tablets. In other words, this backer will be carrying just his Gemini instead of his Samsung phone, laptop, mouse and assorted knot of cables in a shoulder carrying case.

All that means to me is that I look forward to dumping (reselling) my like-new Samsung GS5 upon receipt (May/June 2018) of the Gemini PDA even with its start-up flaws.

Let’s remember that every smartphone device experienced shortcomings and disappointments necessitating bi-annual upgrades into new models, especially from Apple (the iPhone X and counting…).

BTW, I appreciate your videos non-intrusive background music. I bolt and thumb-down loud, head-banger-metal intro / background music.

Sam Fouani says:

This wasn’t even worth reviewing lol

Omar Mohammed Ali Ayoub says:

Which watch and ring are you wearing.?

Alistair Bawden says:

Massive bezels.

Raymond Umbara says:

This reminds me of the old HTC Universal

blues03 says:

6:23 Those Blackberries

Kristofer Vesi says:

oh cmon, why you ADing me on verge, when I watch u often, subscribed, bell? Whay

Horațiu Lazăr says:

I think Nokia could reboot the Communicator series; it would be a hype generator and a quality product for this specific audience

gusbandicoot says:

Hello? Just buy a BlackBerry KEYone!

Omar Hafez says:

It has a lot of potential. They’re not there yet, but they’re going in the right direction

Grumpy Cat says:

Terrible design.

Gabriela Lamberti says:

I don’t need this but I want it too.
This brings me back to my HP Jornada 728.

rohit pal says:

I hope the second version won’t hurt my pocket

PROSPER Modest says:

please samsung,make this…

KA HE says:

Does it have a removable battery?

Hamza Hamid Rafique says:

Link for that ring pleaseeeee!

tom k says:

I wanted something of this form factor for a while but wanted it to run windows so bought a gpd pocket and love it. Its literally perfect for what i need it for. Not sure why someone would want an android dedicated device like this.

Peter Arnold says:

Nice presentation, Michael, but I don’t like this device. It looks too clunky for my liking.

richard ratner says:

This blows!

Darrion S says:

I’m trying to understand what I would need this for? I have an iPhone X and S9+ that I like to use the touchscreen for. However, when I want to type on a mobile device then that’s where my iPad pro comes in with the apple keyboard.

XAQ MoonChild says:

This with Windows and Mint

Igor Schmidlapp says:

Perfect for on-call IT support staff! Add SSH and a VPN, and you are good to go… I’m only concerned about the price at this point. The hardware quality tweaks (keyboard, trim) should be expected on a first-run I don’t care how much you test, the REAL test comes when paying customers get their hands on it…

angel quintero says:

Review the nuu mobile g3 I think it’s one of the best cheap phones out there right now

497362 says:

that form factor is awesome for instant note taking. like the old electronic organisers. so convenient!

Retrovibes says:

I rather not have the physical keyboard and instead something like the ZTE Axon M but done right (without the horrendous bezel in the middle) where flexibility is key: you can use the secondary screen as a keyboard or extend the screen estate, depending on the occasion. Really hoping either Samsung or Microsoft make a dual-screen smartphone the right way.

Has Kam says:

Nice review. Glad to see umpc devices are coming back. I recently purchased a GPD Pocket(Win10) which I’m very happy with and I’ve been using my Moto Z Play phone(3510 mah battery) with several mods. Great combo all around.

Corey Stuber says:

so…why pay $600 on a device that falls apart when i could buy a laptop that has far more storage and performance for that same price? much less one that actually has a well-functioning keyboard…lol

Foxtail says:

prefer the black and white one, the colour one looks eerie maybe make one in eink please

Des Reynolds says:

Not worth reviewing i fell asllep 2 minutes in

Jonathan Ang says:

how does the add on camera works?

James Perkins says:

I could’ve used this in college….

I hate google says:

Why is the fucking bezel so big? That’s my biggest bif with that huge price.

Rot Schwarz says:

Until I heard “Android” and “Mediatek” I was actually interested.

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