Office depot Newbury Executive Writing desk review

This is a (negative) review of the Newbury Executive Desk at Office Depot, and the poor customer service at office depot.

I have requested that Office Depot refund 25% of the money I spent on these desk since they have delivered/exchanged 8 desks now and every one had near identical damage. They did not check replacements despite being asked to do so (since it is machine damage (on 4 desks) I suspected that others would be damaged too). Rather than wasting my time, their time, and their money on going round and round with exchanges, I thought 25% would be more than fair (they will probably sell every one I send back at 50% off or more).

Office Depot said that they would call me back about my request, they did not. I called again and they said they were escalating it and I would be called by a manager in one hour… That was far more than an hour ago.

Update: 2 weeks later they did refund some of my money… But they did not post my negative review of the product. So that gained some respect from me… and then lost it all by being dishonest with their other customers that would have benefited from a review.

I posted another review today (we will see if they post it) here it is though:
I wrote a review for this before… but office max did not accept it. I am a bit disappointed to not see it here as that raises ethical issues about the company. I was actually coming to update my review with positive news only to find that they did not post a negative review.

Well to make a long story short. I ordered 4 of these desks… All 4 came with machine damage on them. I requested a replacements and requested that they ensure that the damage is not on the new desks being sent. All 4 of the replacements came with EXACTLY the same machine damage and there was no evidence that they checked the desks for damage (glue on boxes was not broken).

As I am running an office we do not have time to continue returning and shopping for desks, so we put them together and will be repairing the damage.

I asked Office max for 25% of my money back and sent pictures, this is consistent with sales they regularly have. They initially refused and kept passing me around. I them posted a video of me opening the replacement boxes proving that the damage was there when I opened them (this video can be found by searching “Newbury writing Desk”).

2 weeks after posting the video I was contacted and told that they would refund 25% of my money. I was very satisfied with this… but they should have corrected this through their regular customer service, which was lacking)

I Was coming here to add the info about the refund… only to see that they did not approve my honest review of the product. I am wondering if they will post this.

Regardless they have lost additional credibility in my eyes and are now knowingly and intentionally selling items with defects… and they are covering that up by not posting reviews warning other customers of that.

I am leaving this at one star. I will not be using this company again for our office needs, this is just unethical.


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