My FULL Office & Desk Setup Tour 2018!

It has been 2 years since you’ve seen a full office tour so here it is! Let me know what you guys think about the changes to my room tour and desk setups.

Check out the ecobee switch+ & the ecobee4 thermostat here:

The ULTIMATE Gamer’s Paradise! (Room Tour 2018):

RETRO PS4 UNBOXING – Playstation 2 Edition! -

Top 5 Galaxy S9 Accessories:

Find tech mentioned in video here:
ecobee4 thermostat:
ecobee switch+:
Link Shade (I do not recommend but for those curious):
Aurora Nanoleaf:
Apple Homepod:
Sony Sound Bar:

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Sirih Rinengkuh says:

please make new vid about earbuds and headphone 2018 edition

Willow Agario says:

Yo you need a studio


Black panther

Ali Ravjani says:

This is heaven. You deserve a like.

DemFuzzySlippers ಠ_ಠ says:

Tech out Cookie

Henrique Correia says:

Wich wallpaper app do you use on your android?

Jackson Moore says:

You should be an interior designer

Ariel Jr says:

My dream setup right there lol lots of great tech

Irinyx says:

all these tech channels probably have a ton of devices respond when they say “alexa”

ShireenPlays says:

This is what you get when you work hard! I’ve only been subbed for a month or so but you’re already one of my favourite YouTubers!

Also, you should be a interior decorator part time!

Mabelle Santos says:

you’re so rich!

Robie 758 says:

dude your house is so cool

ThunderOPlayZ says:

I only have an old TV a ps4 a Nintendo switch a cheap headset and a kitchen chair for a gaming chair

mel pe says:

Cool video man, but I don’t think your an “average consumer” maybe you should change it to your above average (slightly rich) consumer lol

Harsh Tyagi says:

The most awesome office ever.

T Wells says:

so ur living room has become a workspace…. it looks like you wont be there much longer,

Gurpreet Purba says:

I wonder what your electricity bill looks like?

Smartness Of Minds says:

Is the Razer phone’s battery is better than oneplus 5T

Peter Gergely says:

are you kidding me??? LOVED IT!!!! congrats, keep it going! Love you guys!

Tony H says:

I love your videos. But whyyyy do you all showcase smart homes by saying “Alexa…do this” or “ok Google…do that?” We know how they work. It just sets off our own smart homes and I have to run around saying cancel like a crazy person to no one. Just food for thought. Love the videos though!

Bradata Braca says:

Pls lift up the shades, how can you live without sunlight

Luis Jaritz says:

Why have you got 4 or 5 pc setups?


Det office look like a gold mine lol I love it!

Juan Diaz says:

I want to see a full review of your iMac pro setup

CustomKicks says:

desk setup

MCDJT10_1012TLB says:

he set off my Alexa :]]]]]]]]

Jaime D says:

I want that Sony Soundbar :Drooling:

Sonjoy Tarafder says:

Wow. I am jealous.


Nice video man i like it you are best

Austin Suddarth says:

How many people currently work for y’all?

Wolfy says:

lmao I’ve watched a few vids from you and just realized we was on the same track team in high school

EJ Nelson says:

Jesus how many Alexas and Googles do you have

christian/gordon says:

Do house tour

amays86 says:

all those plastic bottles….god we have to get off plastic people, it’s literally destroying this planet…

Brandon Moore says:

God damn ya’ll got it hot as fuck in there LOL Dope video though.

Rishi Nehra says:

He is very rich

Game Purf says:

thats a really cool set up man i love to watch your videos for inspiration.

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