LifeSpan Fitness TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk Full Review After 2 Years

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Peter Mescher says:

The latest versions have the ability to silence the buzzer AND pick up the speed when you left off.

lisawomyn21 says:

I have had one for 5 years. I work from home and use it daily. Love it! very sturdy, no problems with it whatsoever. I wish they made a deck that was more “cushy”. Like some of the expensive treadmills out there. I’m not a spring chicken :). Best purchase ever.

4vrceltic says:

Are you aware that you can purchase a beautiful precor treadmill and a trekdesk for less money and get far greater quality of product?

codebean says:

This would really great to have in the work place.

Codex1 says:

Wow, you’ve lost so much weight. Congrats!

Schmidteren says:

Gonna buy the TR800 because someone is selling second hand. Would have liked the TR1200, but noone selling it used. Will it be a bad buy? Would really like to get the IMovR, but I can’t get that in my country. :S

twohanded1488 says:

I have TR1200-DT7 and I’m so far liking it a LOT. App meant to track my walking totally sucks, but it doesnt bother me too much. I’m just surfing and watching videos while using it, so I’m not sure how it would work if i had to type very fast or to use mouse very precisely. But I know already, that I’m NEVER going back to sitting while on computer.

I’m amazed that you haven’t lubed it at all! I lubed it first time after a month of use and it was a bit messy.

TekReviews says:

Most of the cheap treadmills use plastic tops you could modify yourself. We have a Golds Gym one for $200 which was pretty cheap but heavy as hell. The top construction is cheap plastic and directions are not very good putting it together. Hard to get the short wires inserted inside one of the legs without pinching between the surface. Could get a table like this and add extensions on the legs and walla!

jonnyg3000 says:

you really could have shown the Treadmill in action

sarcawan says:

So for the new viewers, how did you look before?

4vrceltic says:

How old are you…. Did you lose weight only or did you also tone up as well?
Btw you look great! WTG

Jon Kern says:

Wait, you weren’t walking the whole time while shooting this video?

onebigunicorn says:

How is it with reading on the treadmill while walking? I know that it is actually not heathy, because your eyes have to constantly refocus and move….any optometrist will confirm.

Southern Dad says:

Which Fitbit do you use? I use the Fitbit Blaze and find that I have to put it in my pocket to get it to count steps. On my wrist it isn’t moving enough to get the steps counted.

Jack Jhon says:

Nice Video


Great review. Thanks! I should be using one of those while Im watching this video. I like the idea of stacking items. Working out and working!

Kenneth Mark says:

are you a coder? could you type code while walking?

Abbie Roberts says:

I’ve just got a treadmill desk after sitting all day. But I’m getting some lower back ache. Any tips? Is it bad posture or just because I’m not used to walking?

ZaQ says:

Where did you get it for $800?

Brian Colavito says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful. And congrats on the weight loss. I was where you are 4 years ago, but gained it all back, and gotta get back down again. I think this could be a huge help, since I work at home. I need some help/info, though. I’m totally sold on this idea, and I like what I’ve read about Lifepsan products in general. I just have one problem: I live in an NYC apartment and the space is at a SUPER premium. I’ve measured the space where my current sitting desk is and there’s enough room, but only while it’s in use. When I’m done with it, I MUST be able to put it “out of the way” somehow. If the treadmill piece can go vertical easily, that’s great. There is a picture ( on the site of a user lifting the treadmill part of the way up. Is this a supported feature? Is it easy to do? Why isn’t it mentioned in the documentation?

Tropically Fit ( says:

Do you like the built in wrist padding that comes with the table? I’m worried that might drive me crazy… I’m not sure! 🙁 Do you like the fact that it has that built in wrist padding? Thanks!

lemongrab says:

every one of his videos starts with sorry it’s been a while lol

UNSIT says:

Good video Jordan and congratulations on the weight loss. A couple of notes from someone who’s been walking and working on a Treadmill Desk for two years plus now. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get the height of your monitor and keyboard right. If these height relationships are not right the Treadmill Desk will feel uncomfortable and inevitably want to go back to sitting. The top of your monitor needs to be 1″ below eye level. You’ll need a monitor stand of some type to make that happen. While typing, your elbows should be a 90-degree angle and the keyboard 1″ below the palms. For anyone over 5’10” tall, you’ll need to raise up the desk a higher than most standup desks go.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I own my own treadmill and Treadmill Desk company, Yes, I got so into working while walking I made my own and started up my own company. The UnSit treadmill is twice as wide and half as long so you can use the whole width of your desk and it doesn’t eat up all the space in your office. Whether you buy an UnSit Treadmill Desk or not, GET UP AND MOVE, it’s a life saver and life changer.

~Rob Jacobs

Chief UnSitter

Linux4UnMe says:

Your results are certainly inspirational Jordan. My misses was even shocked when she saw this video asking me if quote “is that the twil guy with the beard you use to watch?… OH MY GOD!!” she said….
Any plans in future to bulk up?

Ian Hooper says:

Hey dude, same mouse pad.

Robert R. Blevins says:

Cool Invention… 

Chantrece Paulk says:

Congrats on the weight loss.

Wukash13 says:

I’ve been subscribed for a while and have watched your videos even longer here and on this week in Linux. Very cool to know how you’ve lost so much weight! You’re much different physically now than the big burly guy with a scruffy beard that I originally subscribed to. But there is nothing wrong with that. Congratulations on all your progress. Goodluck with the updated treadmill desk.

Huwodox says:

Hi Jordan, during my research into Lifespan treadmills like the one you review in your video, I came across a rather interesting FAQ section on a London based website selling this equipment. I think you may find this very useful: ”
How do I turn off the audible safety alert (beeping)?

Our treadmills have an audible safety alert to notify the user when the treadmill is starting, as well as when the speed is being adjusted. You may find this alert distracting in an office setting. To turn this feature on and off, get into engineering mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Stop button first and then the speed Up button until F001 shows in the display. Press the Down arrow on the console until F015 shows in the display. Next, press enter until either “on” or “off” appears in the display. Now press the Down arrow to turn the audible alert off or the Up arrow to turn it on. To finish, press Enter and remove and re-install the safety key.

Note: Turning the audible safety alert off will also disable the alert for Intelli-Guard”

Hope this helps with the beeping issue!

Andrew says:

Eat more you look weird and your voice has gotten thinner 

Joe G.P. says:

i definitely need one of those, even though i lost 80 pounds over the last 2 years it wasn’t from exercise.
I heard that just standing instead of sitting has huge health benefits (for someone who sits all day, like me) so i need at least a tall table

Sharon Lyons says:

Thanks for sharing your experience! I have to be at a computer for a job I love, but need to move more. Great information

Emre O says:

It would be great if you can comment on the walking speed vs. work efficiency.
But also on the TR1200 vs. TR5000 which is faster, and also on the iMovR walking treadmillls.

Red Burtley says:

Okay, a whole video without seeing it in action. Okay.

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