I Love Standing & Gaming – Uplift Desk Office Upgrade

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Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about standing desk and specifically my current Uplift Desk and new sponsor.

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Reinhardt Nilsson says:

God Damnit LevelCap you brag so fucking much….maybe you and MoreConsole should hook up and fuck each other in the ass some day.

Brad C says:

Really sweet setup, I just ordered my 4 leg desk, thanks for the review. I had been looking at these for a while seeing the new four leg set up was the game changer for me! I was curious could you provide information (links) on your truss system and sound barrier (wall noise canceling panels)

Durno says:

Those wood ones are sex

Christopher Martinez says:


murtisoft says:

Standing desks are healthier, your heart beats better, you feel better, it saves the environment and stuff. Aaand if you lock your knees you might pass out.

Vratislav Frk says:

Nádhera, pěkná sestava, dva počítače. Jen tak dál 🙂

Troydon Hubber says:


David Ponce says:

Nice video, where did you get the truss?

ZeGaskMask says:

I have a question about your PC setup which is how do you handle lag spikes on your system. Like what kind of anti-malware programs you run and what kind of Internet setup you have. For me personally the biggest issue I have when gaming is lag in my games. Be that lag spikes on my PS4 over wifi and my PC which may have malware I can’t find (although my internet is the issue here as my PC has little to no malware). A video on this issue would be a great addition to the list of PC videos you have so far and would offer great advice to most gamers out there including myself.

Dakota Fleshman says:

how much does that cost to get a game setup like that??

max85880 says:

Where can i get the Lamp?

F. H. says:

who the f****uses shoes inside?

AnonProgram says:

Sweet set up. I need this in my life.

Corekilla says:

I’m too fucking poor for this shit LevelCap

HP TheDallasPayday says:

my god what the fuck is that monster?

jincuteguy says:

DAmn this desk can handle that much weight? is it stabled though? like not shaky?

Justin C. says:

ha! My girlfriend can stand and play XBOX for hours!

Coaway says:

I dont gonna work for me i am over 2 meters long…

TriGGletyplay says:

Chairs and sitting is overrated tbh.

Chris McGuire says:

is there a way i can buy the legs only

misteryolo89 says:

i wanna sit on my lazy ass smoking weed, playing games, jerking off

Christopher Connors says:

Great video man 🙂 I have the bamboo 60 inch desktop, would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their health and workstation!

Law GamingTV says:

wait u have a LEGO channel?! 😀

Dennis Garvey says:

Would the largest version of this fit 3 monitors and a PC on the desk?

Lijah_Bear says:

do you wear shoes or not? standing for my job in shoes gets rather painful so I’d imagine it would for you?

Super Duper Pooper says:

Probably got a chair anyways

Tyler Davis says:

At first I thought this video was just a joke

Russell Whitehurst says:

what programs do you use to edit you video

[L]ou says:

you are one rare breed

GuvernorDave says:

lol LED does not stand for ‘low energy draw’

Scopeofwar says:

My hands can wrap around you’re keyboard 3 times. Also keep up the good work.

MentroMax2244 says:

are there UK versions of the websites

Felix says:

Does anyone know if they ship outside of the US?

Geargrind 0 says:

this is retarded just oozes sponcerd

just gaming says:

that is realy aswome man

SpiderMonkeyNuts says:

Why would you stand up and play that’s so fucking dumb

Eddie Smith says:

I watch brickvault

Avalon says:

Please like this for visibility. If you ask their online chat support for deals and discount on the uplift desk, they will grant you a $35 off on your order (at least in my case).

Warner Moczulski says:

This might be what I need

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