How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging

I partnered with Minwax and Lincoln Electric to build a desk with hidden wireless charging. I used woodworking and metalworking on this project with a walnut top and a tube steel welded base. This modern industrial computer desk has a nice simple desk feel but with tons of character including a copper metal bowtie inlay. #wirelesscharging


➤Thank you to Minwax: and Lincoln Electric: for sponsoring this video!

➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):
Minwax Polyurethane –
Lincoln 210MP Welder –
ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds –
Wireless Charging Pad –
Miter Saw Stand –
Flip Top Tool Stand –
2:1 Clear Epoxy –
RIDGID 18V Router –
RIDGID 18V Grinder –
Circular Saw Track –
Copper Bowtie –

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gamefreak 0165 says:

dude sell these

Gert Jørgensen says:

Lots of nice JET machinery, wish I had that stuff too lol

Jordan McCollum says:

So I am currently in the works of building a desk very similar to this, but instead of using lumber I am using a tabletop from IKEA due to limited tools. BUT I will be making the same frame. I am curious about the stability of the desk frame? is it shakey or wobbley?

Victor J. Dean says:

This was a dope video and mad helpful and inspirational keep up the good work!!

Niklas Bauer says:

How long did it take you?

John Logan says:

That table is awesome! It would also be gorgeous made with a wood and resin river top! Love it!

Luca Henning says:

Who else got annoyed that C and D werent the same lenght

onbadchevy1969 says:

my first one of your videos and even though i don’t plan on doing anything like that soon (or maybe even ever) it was a great video!

Michael Aitchison says:

I like your style. New subscriber!

Fix This Build That says:

Here is the wireless charging pad I used:
It has a longer range than most others I looked at.

Adam Kreuz says:

This is a pretty cool idea!

SCM says:

This is awesome! I would so buy this desk lol

Kishore Kondepudi says:

Excellent work! Loved it. Hope to be your customer when you sell any of what you do (finished product). Keep up the good work. I can see you love what you are doing. Just Beautiful!

JonnyTeronni says:

Im SO going to do this to my table board! Thanks for the idea!
Any idea in how to make that hole without a tupia? A forstner is too small.

Elijah bees says:

Oh I like this.

francisco villarreal says:

i dont have all these tools

Cameron J says:

Most concrete is slanted for water drainage — you are lucky that came out. Take pointers from Ave’s video on tack welding and squaring. If you made deeper knife marks and took it slow, you could have made less work inlaying that by watching for the curl when using a router bit. I think you should have saved that dovetail for a split piece of wood where it would be practical. Why didn’t you remove the case from the charger? You could have better range WITHOUT the case. If you were worried about protecting the electronics you could have used potting compound. It mixes, pours, and is almost identical to regular epoxy. You needed more curves, routered or live edges, or something to bring out more attention. Sorry to put you down but that was a waste of good walnut. Improve this thing.

Francisco Espinal says:


Heather Jackson says:

You seem to have a pretty good grasp on welding for being a beginner. My husband of 18 years is a lifelong fabricator and the only thing that he says regularly is that your arms MUST be super strong because of vertical ups. He makes his welds look like a stack of dimes knocked over. You may already know this! Look forward to seeing more of your projects and trying this one out for ourselves!

Khang Xiong says:

It’s embedded. Why not make it replaceable

thomasucc says:

Come on, how many brand names have you mentioned


Looks awesome!

Justin Glover says:

First time watching this guy. Definitely subscribing

RumL says:

First video im whatching and loved it..

Maverick Shaq says:

Well i have another skill to add to my arsonal with computers. New here and this video had me clicked subscribe.

Joel Farrant says:

God,just buy a wireless charging pad,sticky tape it under your existing desk securely,plug in the pad to the adaptor,simple

Black Steel says:

To hard

Rabrab Sensei says:

Why do you sound like youre about to cry? I felt pitiful throughout the video lol

Tech Notice says:

dude, that was class! @:)

Santiago Fernández says:

i liked the car charger, it was very practical

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