How To Get Free VOIP Phone Service Through Google Voice & Obihai

This video will show you how to get free VOIP phone service by using Google Voice with Obihai and Obitalk. This system is 100% free except for the small investment for the Obihai device.

This is a great way to get a free dedicated line for your home or home office. Google Voice will provide you with a free phone number that you can connect to Obitalk.

Call quality is excellent with lots of features.

Google Voice –

Obihai –

Obitalk –

OBi202 – Used in this video –

OBi200 –

OBi100 –


Babatunde Sobowale says:

Hi. So when someone call this google number, it will also ring on your cellphone(since you have to linked it to let you use this google voice number to begin with )? if that is the case, not sure if this good idea, becos some in the your house can also pick up the landline and listen to your conversation at the same time you have picked up your cellphone. correct me if am wrong?

Wanda Stamm says:

I just want to keep my present MJ phone number My computer doesn’t allow me to do that All I want is a phone number to do that via phone Google gave me a wrong number

Ricky Souza says:

I am trying to use this in a business scenario, so I need to know if this is something that will work with the business phone systems I am purchasing.

I am using Google Voice as my service provider. In the past I have used GV. I have used GV for many years with running my business. I’ve always used GV with my cell phone, but with nothing else. I am now moving out of my home office to a commercial building where I will have landline phones at each workstation in my office.

I purchased the Obi202 and connected it to two phones. However, when there is an incoming call, both lines 1 and 2 are ringing at the same time until one is answered. Therefore, one incoming call is taking up two lines, preventing the second line from receiving a phone call until I answer the phone. Once I answer the incoming call the other line will ring two more times before disconnecting. Then the line is free to receive the next incoming call.

Have you heard or seen this before?

This is a problem for me since my phones need to be able to answer incoming calls instead of sending the call to voicemail because both lines are taken up.

Frank Takacs says:

Hey Troy, i set everything up the way you showed it, but for some reason it doesnt give me the option to set incoming calls to phone 1, there is no such option, any suggestions?

Mr Bubble says:

Ha, it’s only $65 now. I like this because it free ups my cell phone, which has like 5 phone numbers on it.

Karpis Maksudian says:

Hi and great tutorial, but when I setup mine, there is only “Primary Line for Outgoing Calls” to check and no “Primary Line for Incoming Calls” can you help me on this problem? I can make calls but can’t receive a call. Model #OBi200

donramonavila says:

would this work in mexico to call usa?

WVOG Internet Radio says:

can you connect a google voice phone number to a landline phone and internet radio station

And Tesla says:

Good Day
Hi Thanks buddy for this awesome video and
1. I’d like to know if this device will work properly in south America Like Colombia,Perú,Panama etc..?
2.After Setting up the phone calls will be free or will be charged in the google account to be paid or in the phone-line provider?
3.and the last one its also international phone calls ?

thanks for sharing some of your knowledge and I’ll wait for your anwser !

Bob S says:

is there anyway you can do a update review about this item if your still using it how it’s been like


thank love it, I will do too, thank u

ST says:

I have been using Google voice for several years making & receiving calls from my cell/work numbers, texting/receiving texts from my cell and laptop. Will all that still work after I setup OBI202 with Google Voice?

Bill Rich says:

Hi: Where can I go to get instructions oh how to retain my old telephone number instead of the GV assigned one? Thanks a bunch!

jessicalmulcahy says:

Which device is the cheapest one that would work for this? I will be using it for an office, but an office that receives a max of maybe 3 calls per day. Thank you

George BLUM says:

Hello… Thank you for your video.   How do you hook up two numbers to my Obhai from google voice?  
1. Can I put both of the phon3 numbers I want to use on one  google voice account? ( I have ported on of my landline numbers already to google voice.) 
2. Then how would I go about hooking up both lines to obihai if this is possible.  3. One is for a fax the other is for a house line how do i go about this?   Thank you for you help ….

Robert Belcher says:

Do you still pay taxes for this service? Thanks!

Jay Btr says:

I just signed up my obi202 phone like #1 but I also see a ”soft phone” with a obi # ? Why is that?

MrDRBg says:

Dear I need to know whether we can use OBi202 device to forward calls over google voice and receive them in india and make calls using google voice through it within UAE for free (only applicable charges as per uae landline)

ricardo garcia says:

how about for 911 calls?

Oscar David Ortiz de Zevallos Martinez says:

Is it possible to use this in any country?

Peter Stanfield says:

Hi Troy.
My name is Peter.
I would like to know if you can tell me (or guide me) in how to get a second line from Google voice to my Obihai 202 to be used with me fax machine to be able to send and receive faxes. Thank You.

Richard Li says:

Here is something that wasn’t mentioned in this video, when someone calls your GV number, does the callers ID show up on your standard non-obi IP phone?

AJ Judeh says:

thank you buy when i go to setting in obitalk it does not show me incoming call option only outgoing why is that

Geek Gaming says:

How does incoming caller id work? will i be able to see who is calling me?

Ruthy Beesley says:

Would this work a vonage, obihai ?

Maureen McCauley says:

I live in Canada. Does Google voice work with anything else, or just Obihai?Also, I travel to Mexico for extended periods of time. I’m looking for a phone number and service that people in both Canada and Mexico can call me and reach me no matter if I am in Canada or in Mexico.  I also want to dial people in Canada, the US and Mexico when I am in Mexico…Will Google Voice and Obihai work for me?  all toll free?  I find Mexico is dropped from all packages except Vontage.  Appreciate your comment

rufhouse42 says:

thank you – very helpful 🙂

Big Kev says:

Hello.. Is their any way to recover . a number .. after , It has been reclaimed.. I do not have access to the email that was assign to the number in question.. I , am currently using the number..  But, I can not find any resources.. on how to recover and linked the number to ,my G suite account?

Robert McDaniel says:

Troy, thank you very much for the setup tutorial. I set up two lines successfully. Question: how do you setup the non google voicemail on the phone? There must be a signal system or something for the device so it allows the device to operate.

Julia Feliciano says:

Thanks so much for this video. It’s very helpful!

Spectralight Photo says:

Wow, excellent tutorial!

I have an old T-Mobile flip phone that I no longer use. Would I be able to buy a SIM card and install it into this phone so that I can begin the porting process of my landline to Obihai device and Obitalk? I don’t know if the old flip phones are locked or not or if the fact that my phone was originally used on T-Mobile’s network makes a difference.


francesco bonanome says:

I have an OBI talk 202 and a phone Obi 1000,but I cannot make any international calls. They gave me the numbers for international calls,but nothing works.Also I have ANVEO,a lot of numbers,a lot of windows on the computer,nothing works.Can you give me some advices? Thank you

MrDRBg says:

Truly your tutorial is very helpful!

Please guide me
How can we make and recieve calls using internet from around the world to and within the country where we install OBi202 device. please advise

imad bab says:

How can I bring my land number to this

Chris Chu says:

Very good tutorial, thank you.

Gail Palubiak says:

I’m just trying to replace Vonage so I purchased Obihai. Frankly, I’m very confused about the value of GV. I want to keep my business number active; must I port it to GV to be able to send and receive calls through Obitalk?

Jay Btr says:

How do I add the second phone line and do I get another phone # for that line?

Kenneth Behr says:

I connected just like you said and it worked great…>THEN I decided to go and try to set up Google voice mail through legacy and I no longer RECEIVE calls. I can call out. I’ve gone back on and reinitiated OBiTalk and am connected twice SP1 and SP2 but still don’t receive calls….they go to my cell phone only. Help!

Amit Pancholi says:

We just switched our home landline to the Obihai (on google voice). The first night (right after setting everything up) our home phone was ringing and everything was good, we even made a test call. But, the next morning, we were receiving phone calls but, our home phone was not ringing. Instead we were seeing all of our missed calls in google voice……

I am trying to figure out why this is happening and what can I do to resolve this issue?
Can you please help?

arnold archer says:

Could you call cell phone with it

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