GSM Mobile Deskphone Review – Part 1

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Mr Aphoristic says:

Hee hee, what a good work-around lewis. £25 isn’t that bad. good vid mate

Dan Adamson says:

Lebara Mobile operates on the Vodafone network at 2G ✔

00ZERODRAGON00 says:

can you set up like speed dial? i want to get this for my grandma which dont know how to use touchscreen..

knoxieman says:

A useful device for sure, dont you have a landline at home though?

Phil Lowe says:

where can you get them from ??

Michael Loughlin says:

That’s really good. ….

mike x says:

would of been useful if they had of included landine connectors on gsm deskphones also so you could use it for both sim card and landline use

Andrew MOTLS says:

Interesting idea for a GSM network, Lebara in the UK runs on Vodafone.

Artsiom D says:

i like this video so much! it is the best review of this phone.

Dan Adamson says:

The problem with your not getting a good signal while at home is because you are so close to the mast believe it or not. I had the same problem years ago when I was with 02. There was a mast on top of the Highrise I lived in and because I was on the 19th floor I couldn’t get a signal as I was too close. As soon as I came out the building it was fine.

Also try this trick it works for me. I’m with Vodafone and get a crap signal in the house. Cut your mobile network down to 2g when at home and turn your Mobile data off and your bars will magically re-appear.

M6GOF says:

Interesting device, Lewis.

Related to this, in my first job of many years they had a device called a ‘Premicell’. It is essentially a keyboard-less and screen-less phone that integrates into a PBX phone system. You could dial ‘9’ for an outside line, or ‘8’ to route the call through the Premicall. The idea of this was to stop expensive landline<>mobile calls. We had two of these and the display would say ‘Premicell 1’ or ‘Premicell 2’ , specific numbers that the engineers could dial back to.

So, there’s a bit of bonus info you may not have known about. 73.

CbRadioGuy CbRadioGuy says:

Lewis, great video! when you called your new phone from your I phone it sounds like the pink Floyd song where the person makes a call. You guys have a way different ring tone and dial tone in the UK
73 wb7tim

yrath says:

These seem to be around 50 quid on eBay now 🙁

Michael Loughlin says:

I’ve looked it up it says something about commands that can be activated by the user if that makes sense. …..

nokiaman2002 says:

When you are in the house switch your iphone GSM settings to 2G/3G instead of 4G.

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