Grasshopper Phone System Review | ENTREPRENEURS NEED THIS


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What is MCA Roadside Assistance? Allow me to explain our great service to you. MCA is a Motor Club that offers 3 different benefit packages (MCA Security . MCA Total Security . MCA Total Security Platinum)

In our most popular package ( MCA TOTAL SECURITY ) you will receive the following benefits as a customer

Unlimited roadside assistance – Towing, Battery, Lockout, Tire, Fuel
100 miles of towing per day (per incident) 36,500 towing miles per year
Travel reservations & trip planning
$500.00 reimbursement in our travel assistance program
500.00 for a rental car over a 7 day period (accidental coverage only)
$5,000.00 stolen vehicle reward
$1,000.00 in credit card protection
$500.00 arrest bond for small traffic violations
$25,000.00 bail bond for Negligent Homicide or Vehicle Manslaughter
$2,000.00 in attorney fee assistance
Up to $500.00 in emergency room reimbursements as a result of any accident
Up to $54,000.00 in hospital bill coverage if admitted for any accident
Up to $50,000.00 paid to you or a family member as a result of death or injury

Price: $39.90 Today & $19.95 every 30 days to remain an active customer

The $39.90 is 2 months of service in advance (First & Last Month) Please
keep in mind this is NOT A CONTRACT. Customers may cancel their accounts
at any time during normal business hours. When we say Unlimited, that means
MCA will cover you for 1 service call per day (per incident), every day of the year!


The Adventures of Syd and Beaves! says:

Do you have to use a 1-800 number? I like the service, but want to keep my current non-800 number, is that possible?

John Smith says:

Can you make calls with grasshopper? Is there a desktop soft phone for it?

Prophetic Vision says:

wow I use grasshopper Is nice but, I wish we were able to transfer to a 800 #

Diwakar Chaturvedi says:

get virtual phone number for your small and ENTREPRENEURS business need is just few clicks :

Bob Sullivan says:

I just cancelled my
My 877 WEBOOGY number would not forward to my cell phone. Grasshopper Tech support “fixed” this several times but neglected to test their “fix” with a simple phone call to see if the “fix” actually worked.
Grasshopper has billed me for several months for a service not provided. Their Customer Service Rep has informed me that “unfortunately” this service is on a month-to-month basis and billing cannot be returned.

Queen Chelsi says:

U said 954 .. u from Florida?

the7figuremaker says:

Where did you get the MCA.. message for the incoming calls at?

Syed rizwan says:


Javier Solarte says:

great video, question if I am in a call throught gh, and a second client calls… would the second guy be transfer to another numer( one of my employes/.)

Terence Flood GOOD LIFE USA CHANNEL says:

Hey Justin what system did you use to make this video?

Jose Perez says:

Hi Justin, I just signed up where do I go to get the MCA voicemail greeting ?

Diwakar Chaturvedi says:

Get Your Virtual Phone Number with advanced features call amount wise call blocking, call transcription and many more with CallHippo.

Mr Jones says:

How can I set minds up just like your if I get this? I want it to say mca

Daud Wood says:

I thought it was $15 a month. Its now $29 a month…. bummer

1socalshocker says:

Google doesn’t like 800 #s. If that means anything to you, as it does to me.

Quality Home Improvement, Inc says:

Great video Justin!!

Gretchen Bayless says:

Awesome video. Thanks! Can you add our email to your referral list?
We want to sign up for Grasshopper but just saw that there is a referral credit if you refer someone. Thanks again!

Yilin Li says:

I watched the whole video, a few things I want to mention/ discuss. It looks like Grasshopper system has some weak signals that cause break-offs during the call. Is that right? That seems unprofessional, the customers will know this is a virtual phone/ internet phone. 2. you did not illustrate how to make outgoing calls using Grasshopper, what’s gonna show on a cell phone? does it contain the area and state or it is of unknown? 3. does it have an IP function for incoming calls and mark call IDs? besides these three, it is a great presentation, i love that voice mail transcript function, it is fantastic, I enjoy that on my personal iPhone too. Have a wonderful day!

Jorge Obando says:

ok im sold thanks 🙂 just made my small business alittle more legit

Mr Automatic says:

So, is GRASSHOPPER the only phone number you need? What about FAXES to be sent for your home phone? Thanks…

CS77 Smith says:

Awesome video man, I am now sold on grasshopper & your video is the best review on it…

My question is. When you sign up which plan do you start with? & currently have now?

Also i see the basic plan is $12–$25 per month plan which is great…but if i wanted to do least say 25 to 50 interview calls per day in my business. If i’m paying $12 to $25 dollars per month. what happens when i run out of those 500 minutes? Wish it was unlimited callings but still awesome service hehe.

David Rabada says:

The VoIP-base virtual phone system is highly used for business communication. The virtual phone system has great features which help you to makes connected with your clients even on go. As per my experiences with the CallHippo the virtual phone system is really awesome. is also well known for the most affordable virtual phone system.

Mark Yates says:

I’m afraid if I do an 800 number it will turn business away. I’ve already built up a solid reputation online. I don’t want to lose business.

I’m in a very rural area and people may take offense to that but I am willing to try it out. This looks great but my issue I’m trying to correct is poor voice quality. I heard I can’t use any physical hardware.

That is really the main improvement im looking for. Google Voice quality is sub par and it’s hard for me to communicate effectively with anyone when it sounds like Mcdonalds drive thru Window.

JasonX says:

How did you get the tvc/mca voice recording?


Hi how are doing today i have question i just brought grasshopper service I need now the How did you get the tvc/mca voice recording? on how to on how to set it up Thank you

Michael Cohen says:

Good video. One word of advice: tighten it up a little…just a little long-winded. Otherwise very well done.

Ben Dacke says:

Very informative video, Justin! Thanks for the referrals, as well! I work with Grasshopper support and your breakdown of our system didn’t miss a beat! Maybe you should make another video explaining how to navigate the new user interface called “NUUI”. All of our newer customers are given this interface by default, unless they ask otherwise. Anyhow, thanks again and great work! (PS- Customers can now port in local Canadian numbers to our database!)

Bekesam says:

Very good vid! Thankyou, just what I needed, especially at the end with determining the call quality.

Rich S says:

800 numbers are actually need because of certain laws. Under the TCPA….but good try

Sean Mendoza says:

how is this better than google voice which is free? with google voice you are able to add as many numbers to that google voice number just like grasshopper so what does grass hopper have that is extra that google voice is missing? for example when selling a makeup brand or clothing brand what benefits do you get from using these services in your opinion?

micheal lee says:

I have a 1-800 number already paying $20/month… But why when I call out my cell phone number shows instead of the 1-800 number even tho the number is attached to my phone… I ask this question so if I call indeed they will activate my indeed account…

Diwakar Chaturvedi says:

Get Your Virtual Phone Number in Just Few Clicks with CallHippo and Access the Advanced Features of Virtual Telephony.

Lando TechReviews says:

This is a great review. Very professional. I liked and subscribed. Feel free to do this same if you like.

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