Dope Wood Desk for your Setup!

This desk is realllllllly dope for the price.
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1sonyzz says:

got one in uk for 45 quid around 55 dollar, will arrive tuesday, took black one because all my setup and drawer plus chair is black 🙂

Noah Whitman says:

how long did it take to get there

Yogi7X TV says:

can you link me the Monitor mount which ships to India ples??

Brandon Alfaro says:

How old are you ? You look really young and I would like to start a tech channel. Have any tips I’m currently 16 Thank you in advance

gamerED says:

Do you recommend this desk

Mikkel Bak says:

You cant get it in denmark no one ships for our country sadly

Michael Western says:

I got the same desk for £30

Alma Volavola says:

Right now in the uk u can get it for £30! On EBAY

CrisPyFTW says:

What is the measurement of the top of the desk to the bottom of the metal bar underneath? I need to fit a mount on it thanks 🙂 Please help !!

Yugant Gurung says:

Just got this desk and damn its sturdy AF and really good quality for a low price.

Array - CSGO And More says:

Found this desk for 35£ free shipping on eBay. Just bought it. Flawless. If anyone wants a link comment

Monster Abe Gaming says:

Can anyone comment on the clearance of this desk for clamp-style monitor mounts? He touched on it briefly, but it’s basically the make-or-break for me between going to ikea and getting something or getting this.

Samantha Chabak says:

what desk mount are you using with the desk in this video? amazon link? ty

Derek Reed says:

I love this desk so much. I got it about 2 months ago and it’s great!!

Isidro says:

Is their any bigger sizes ?

SCD4 says:

Just ordered for £40

Giovanni Ortiz says:

is this the 47 in?

Vicky Zamora says:

which desk do you prefer this one or the ikea one you used to have.

Arthritis says:

i found a 35$ wood desk


NotaHipster says:

What are some good speakers under $100 that come in a pair?

Zcos says:

Lol, I was watching one of your setup hacks videos and was wondering where you got your desk and here you are!

Bizarre Base says:

MS tech your a legend

Superior Man-Spider Johnsons says: the same size, cheaper, looks more heavy duty. Hope it helps.

Beeez21 says:

What is the monitor arm?

Vape Vape says:

Under my desk there is tons of wires

Homer Playz says:

Do you think you can put a pc on it?

RecallzOP says:

Hay what inches did you get it in?

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