Dope Tech: Crazy Speakers!

Sometimes you gotta take the audio game to the next level.

Floating speaker:
TLD Video:

MunroSonic Egg100:

Devialet Phantom:

Light-up lightning cable:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee
Background music:



roronoa 3 sword style says:

At 4:28 he sounds funny when he says woofer.

Denner says:

Can u make a 2017/18 version pls

Luke Skywalker says:


Parodia says:

Stop calling that a tweeter, it’s clearly full range

Cameron Pearson says:

Why do you never review Bang and Olufsen tech?

Sansui Mcpeters says:

all these mono speaker suck 3000 watts BS. ratings in the 60s70s80s was the best way 20hz to 20khz full frequencies driven rms watts such lies the pair is always the best way now an old set old sansui or a Pair of acoustic research

Mr Black says:

awesome looking egg speakers but shit average looking amp

haydeezz says:

they dont look cool.. they look like some eggs..

Pieter Rossouw says:

Pioneer DM-40s serving me very well for the money. Also liking the minimalistic look.

yajat yadav says:

guess that lighting cable is lit.

FarHorizon says:

Floting speaker ,so future is already here 😉

Andrew James Hamilton says:

i’ve spent quite a while working on my own tablet centered setup so everything is compact enough and even versatile for some casual djing via cross for android, any suggestions for cable management? bluetooth is out of the question for djing even though i absolute adore my two Jam Double down speakers. Suggestions?

alto says:

I have Logitech z906 500w (1000w aith proper amp) and i think those sound beast, that watermelon probobly kicks more bass than these 5.1 speakers xD

andry gunawan says:

Those hole underneath the speakers looks like butthole

gumballwolf says:

It’s also $3000 dollars

The Bowman's Vlog says:

cool video

Deathrape2001 says:

U can tell they sound like $hit just from looking @ them = tweeter back in a non-flared cup, & non-flared port facing forward, & small size so no deep lows of N E usable volume ~ etc. NEXT! Oh, not 2 mention as U go more round U get more resonance problems (as nobody uses my fancy trix inside =))

Fabian del Rosario Baldur says:

pretty good

fongyfong says:

damn those egg speakers cos 2800 here in australia??? wtf

Towhid Haq says:

i want that wallpaper 🙁

yDaN says:

You selected them just for the design, but all of these are shit..

Alfred Reynolds says:

Devialet made a speaker for sky, I swear.

เซ็งเป็ด เซ็งห่าน says:


Nick Donnelly says:

US Mains electricity tops out at around 1900W – so those speakers will be limited in the US compared to other countries.

Sarim Mehboob says:

I was expecting the floating speaker to be atleast $1000. Nope, dat is 200 Dollars.

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