Byte Review Setup Tour 2.0 2018 | Ultimate Minimal IKEA Desk!

Minimal Video Editing Workstation + IKEA Desk Setup – This is how mine has changed mid way through 2018!

But Tom, why did you get the 1070Ti? Well, graphics card prices have been all over the place since cryptos got popular, and the 1070ti was the best price at tat time, so that was all really!


Tabletop –
Trestle –
Drawer Unit –


Wallpaper – (Artist –

BenQ Monitor – (AU Link –
Monitor Arm –
NZXT Case –
Graphics Card –
Keyboard –
Logitech MX Master –
Wireless Charger –
Silly Splatoon Amiibo –
LED Strip –
Sony A6300 –
Sony 35mm f.18 –
Sony 50mm f1.8 –
Dil..I mean Soundsticks –

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Dida says:

Yaay he uploaded !!!

*いえ says:


figurehay says:

nice quality. do you use a stabilizer? also if you have some time check out my setup, its on my channel 🙂

Ethan Zane says:


Lens Watson says:

I love the IKEA desk.

Sathapana Rongthong says:

Do you happens to be a designer? nice, simple, no bullshit taste you got there.

Faith says:

Wallpaper link plez

Oscar Castillo says:

Hi man . I really like you desk ikea but i dont know where you buy the white shelf 4:18 were you put the cameras (can u post a pic on you instagram or give me the link ) THANKS

Andres Torres says:

You need yourself a mechanical keyboard

Canoopsy says:

Amazing work!

Fakhrin Shairuzi says:

Can you share tutorial how to setup overhead video recording?

Jonathan Mora says:

where did you get that neon sign?


Get some Klipsch or jbl bookshelf speakers

Kido.Official says:

+Byte Review For speakers here’s some suggestions
-Logitech MX Sound
-Audioengine A2+
-Kanto YU2
-Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse HD

Hunter Selkow says:

What is the chair?

Darya Riddle says:

Did you cut your tabletop or is it really 186 cm long?

Pitot says:

Such a clean set up. My only question: where is the ladder shelf unit from? That unit is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the office!

Loc Ha says:

chair ?

Jelle says:

Very nice! I really want to pick up that keyboard aswell cause its simple and clean and wireless but im wondering if its any good for small bits of gaming like overwatch etc? My qeustion is could you recommend it for small bits of gaming?

Matte9M says:

Congrats on 10k tom

Khalid AL-zain says:

Great video…high quality stuff am surprised you still didn’t hit 1M subs…anyway….i have a suggestion for a speaker and a question about the of the suggestion i suggest the Logitech Z523…cheap…sounds good and doesn’t take much space its my personal sound system…and if you add a lil more you can get the Z623 it’s THX certified so enough said…about the question how do you game on such keyboard?? its not only non-mechanical but its very compact too lol like a laptop’s keyboard…that would drive me nuts on normal use leave alone gaming

MinderestingPictures says:

It looks so awesome! <3 As always, great great video!

Gareth Connop says:

What’s the model of be quiet fan you’ve installed?

Darran Paul says:

Re: The over head rig: Take off the top corner bends and fill the sides with sand, replace corner bends and you’ll now have a weighted rig!

Tobi says:

Really nice setup video, just wondering where you got the monitor arm?

Sathya Spettacolo says:

I just love the pleasing and calm look of the setup, my suggestion for speakers is to go with Edifier Luna HD or with the audio engine A2+ both of them are wireless so no worry about wires

Noah Herman says:

Woah that intro though. Crispy!

Ramaswamy S says:

Wallpaper link and where do you get these super minimal walls

Patryk Wołek says:

What is the processor in the computer

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