Best Fidget Toy for the Office Desk – 11 Ranked Fidget Toys

Friendly Review of the best office fidget toy of 2017 for 2018. A rating system is used to determine which is the winner. Each is rated for how practical it is / how will it look on a desk, how distracting it is for others, and how much will it improve concentration. Reviewed is the Fidget Spinner (, Fidget Foot Toys (, Kururin (, Flexi-Puzzle (, Mesh and Marble (, Fidget Cube (, Tangle Jr. (, Thumb Chucks (, Thinking Putty (, Infinity Cube (, and the Twiddle Fiddle ( At the end, a single winner is chosen.

Make sure to check out my other brackets as well:
Best Fidget Toy All Around –
Best Fidget Toy for School –

Fidget Cube (Antsy Labs) –
Fidget Cube (Focus Cube) –
Fidget Cube (CronosGear) –

ABS Cube Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Focus Adults Kids Attention Therapy Toys (

Pure Aluminium Alloy Cube Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Focus Adults Kids Attention Therapy Toys (

Kururin –
Sweets Jammer –

Fidget Spinner (Zekpro) –
Fidget Spinner (LEShop) –
Fidget Spinner (Gears ‘n Gizmos) –…

Tangle Jr (4 Pack) –
Tangle Jr (Textured) –
Tangle Jr (Metallic) –
Tangle Jr (Fuzzy) –
Tangle Jr (Hairy) –

Twiddle Fiddle (Glow) –
Twiddle Fiddle Mega –

Mesh and Marble Fidget Toy –

Flexi Puzzle –

Crazy Aaron’s Magnetic Thinking Putty
Tidal Wave:
Quick Silver:

Zing Thumb Chucks Orange –

Bouncy Bands –
Foot Fidget Bands –

Thanks for the Music:

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MLGEmoji says:

MY fafvor it iz fidget cub

Liliia Osadchuk says:

I have all of those fidgets but not the chain nor the feet band but I’m getting a stress ball tommorow

stangerbeebotrixie's says:

I have lots of tangles and I recommend them

박민주 says:

Infinity cube is my favorite
But I don’t have one.

Strazh says:

Mokuru is the last??? Really?

Tommy Shumpert says:

My favorite one is the thumb chucks even though i’m not that great with them i still use it all the time for fidgiting with.

poncho jaison says:

My fav is the thinking putty

Karaar A says:

My favorite was the infinite cube

Murchhona M says:

My favourite is the tangles one

Stella Thompson says:

I hate the flexy puzzle
You’d be suprised but its soooooo distracting

Rab n’ Ch00 ROBLOX/Growtopia says:

The fidget stick just stresses you out if you can’t get it to stand

Amanda The fox says:


AmyRainbow Sparklez says:

My favorite is the fidget cube…I have one and it helps a lot with my anxiety

MLG Flowey says:

SAME LOL I’m actually getting one 🙂

Corgi_dragon says:

Thinking putty

pete garssia says:

I didn’t see any machined spinning tops. Are they not popular yet in office settings? It’s a timeless classic, and they spin for a long time. 5 minutes to like close to 30 minutes. Please look into it think they should be included in future reviews.

Sunset_Shimmer_Nhatasha Vo says:

Infinity cube totally

Crow The Wolf says:

my favourite is the tangle and twiddle

JayKJester says:

Definitely Pam and Tom

Kajus Cibulskis says:

My favourite fidget toy is also infinyti cube!

Ian Oakes says:

My fav is infinity cube

Ian Oakes says:

Cause its da best fidget toy in da world

Not joking

Kimberley Willis says:

Fidget cube

Czandre Pusta says:

Favorite is infinity cube

David Simon T. QUIMING says:

Infiinity cube!

Deep Spaghetti says:

Where can I find an infinity cube?i need it to throw at my teacher ,it will infinitely slap her

Grand3 says:

W A I T could use the soft part of the fidget stick to well fidget?

jc Llera says:


Star Dust says:

Fidget Cube Or Infinity Cube I HATE fidget spinners they’re too distracting to fidget with

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