Are Standing Desks Overrated? – My 1 Year Experience

I think Standing Desks are worth it but some solutions are gimmicky , I doubt there are any real health benefits to standing, and make sure you buy a good chair. A standing desk does not replace the need for a good office chair. Still I really enjoy having a standing desk and continue to use it every day.

The current Electric Standing Desk I’m using from AnthroDesk: (US) (Canada)

But some others I’d also consider (specifically ones that have a better range for sitting without a foot rest) include:

Fully Jarvis Electric Standing Desk: (US)

VIVO Electric Standing Desk: (US)

Some office chairs I like:

IKEA Markus
IKEA Volmar
Steelcase Leap V2 & Gesture
Herman Miller Embody


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Abdulai Bah says:

80% standing and 20% sitting is enough for me. More or less.

Sebastiano Motta says:

Thanks David for the very clear and helpful video. Has helped a lot. Ciao!

drazynx says:

What is the desk top you use in this video?

Carla Patricia Muñoz S. says:

*Exceptionally good>>>**** It has a quiet and smooth operation. The electronics are more than adequate. We do NOT run on it, so I can’t evaluate that, but the walking experience is extremely favorable. Then the best news, we had a problem with the treadmill that required the “dreaded” call to Customer Service and a repair person. I CANNOT express how pleased I was with their customer service and the repair technician. Absolutely top-notch!! Highly recommend the company and this treadmill!*

Johnson McBig says:

Who cares about the health benefits? Standing is just more convenient…

DJ Ghost says:

The only people that overrate standing desks are fat lazy greasy pig humans.

Clark Jackson says:

Go with the VARIDESK. They hold 44 patents and it doesn’t break down.

Artur Kedzior says:

Dude, love your posters. Where did you get them?

rjb 112 says:

Excellent video. Thanks

RecklessFables says:

Being able to stand up for 15 minutes out of each hour has been great for my back.

Oscar C says:

lol his box of kleenex for when he chokes the chicken

Parker Charles says:

Great Video Man. Thanks!

Electronics Lifestyle says:

Really nice table. Thumbs up dude!!!

Randy Monster says:

LOL! too lazy to crank the desk, people of today are such babies.

Tempex says:

Does this opinion still stand? _Ba dum tss_

Logan Phillips says:

Hey nice NASA posters! Where did you get that printed at? Amazon?

hendrik hulshof says:

try them out…’ll never go back to sitting only

Tanya Kucey says:

Great video, thank you for all the tips and research that you’ve done. I have to say if you are finding a desk too tall sitting when you are 5 foot 7 then I might just skip the idea entirely at 5’2″ !

Sheldon says:

I used to work at Subway where I would be standing to 11 hours a day, fuck standing. Buy the biggest most comfiest chair you can find.

Omar the Atheist Aziz says:

The pictures behind the desk dont fit well with a desk that gets taller & block the pictures

Mr Mr says:

Thank you

Claire Fox says:

Totally agree. I have a standing desk too and stay sitting most of the time but stand when I have to work a long time. TIP: I got the deskcyle, so I can sit and bike and stand and do lots of things while working.

Martin Banicz Olsson says:

Standing should definitely be an option for all office workers! Great video!

HY XU says:

A cute boy…

Hashslingingslasher says:

dude wtf that has to have been the best review iv ever watched

ABG says:

Real reason there are standing desks now is because there are people who can’t sit. They feel restless while sitting and they feel an itch in their body. Because these people lack concentration and focus. Its more like a mental issue than a physical one.

ruffneck718 says:

Thank you

blue bendy_ says:

My legs would hurt for standing for maybe 3 hours straight

Dev Guy says:

$500 CAD+ for just legs lmao this is for ppl who got $$$ to just piss away! … All you people need to do is stand up, is that too difficult and walk around once in a while if you’re worried of this sitting vs standing nonsense.

Sim Salabim says:

when I click like, the number goes from 6.3K to 6.4K, when I remove it it goes back 😀

Sim Salabim says:

well, in my professional opinion………….. fuck that

Cody Smith says:

Does it still wobble when it’s at normal height?

Juan Sanchez says:

My problem with standing desks is the high possibility of getting varicose veins.

gru says:

I see the NASA posters on the wall, I give a thumbs up.

Alemayehu Solomon says:

This video would be great if you sat properly as well, but in the clipsn you don’t. Even if you briefly tag about ergonomics, you know that you shouldn’t lean back into your chair or slouch. You should be on the front edge to make sure your spine and back are well supported. If you don’t know about these, then a wonderful chair won’t help a person that much.

Stranding, however, can, based on multiple studies.

Kuba. M says:

Why would you use a standing desk?

Bjørn Skalkam says:

What is the thing you put your water cup on?

GO _ says:

Good points. Thanks for sharing!

紫雨老师 says:


serkan dayicik says:

I’m developer and working 9-12 hour sitting, 3 year ago started venous insufficiency, and my leg color turn purple, im still sitting work 1 year ago, clot(DVT, EMBOLİSM) broke and came to my lungs(Pulmoner Embolism), and I almost died, That doesn’t matter, if you are sitting or standing, you dont move 1 or more hour, your blood coagulation slow and that risk.

Ross Ylitalo says:

Very interesting–Thanks!

Matthew Elliott says:

Thank YOU! What do you say about keeping the desk in the upraised position and just getting a high drafters chair? I am a smidge taller than you at 6’2″ so I am guessing the up and down would be a bit longer each time I switched back. So perhaps just keep it in the up position and use the drafter’s chair…Hmm, anyway thanks for the video, nicely done and super informative.

thư nguyễn hữu says:

just stand for 5′ to work will make your feet tired and achy,

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