Air Conditioning Anywhere?

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This little thing is called the Evapolar. It’s a desktop air conditioner that you can place anywhere without a need to vent it like a traditional air conditioner. It’s not as powerful as a standard air conditioner, but it’s a cool solution if you need to create a microclimate.

From the manufacturer –

Evapolar emulates a similar natural air cooling process unlike most air conditioners that simply create a strong flow of cold dry air that may lead to catching a cold.

Evapolar captures large particles of dust from the airflow making it easier for you to breathe thus improving your productivity.

No need for installation – just plug it in and feel the sensation. All you need is a wall socket to immediately feel the cooling effects of this portable air conditioning unit. No screws, drills, or heavy lifting required.

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ChristianTRP says:

It’s winter in Australia and my teacher never puts aircon. Yet she puts on the gas heater and never opens the doors and windows until we nag her bcuz it’s dangerous so this might be the solution!

Chuck's poke says:


Shahzad Khan says:

+966594955756 My Number…

Shahzad Khan says:

I have One Peace

serdal koçak says:

bu şirket düzenbazmı

Carlton S. Campbell Campbell says:

It’s ‘crap’. It’s a swamp-cooler. They generally not worth it. You’ll see later. They don’t work worth a shitz in Thailand dude.

Hulk Akash says:

First I’ll buy 1 I try it if its cold I buy 10 of it

Zone Tan says:

Tbh, you may find these bastards as ads

Spartan Vasquez says:

I wonder if can cool a small room

Oscar Tobar says:

Man’s not hot

ItsSkill says:

So has anyone ever heard of a fan?

Rai Dash says:

i thought you dont need the manual

Marcos Zarate says:

I kinda like this device.
I wish it was like 50 bucks tho

Sahil Bishnoi says:

its just a mini version of desert coolers used in India…and its a very old concept.

Katya Soboleva says:

I bought one just now. The water leaks all over!! It is do not work at all!! I’m very disappointed!!!! Don’t waste your money. ):

Shahzad Khan says:

How Much Money…???

Shahzad Khan says:

I have This Fan

John Lord says:

Ours cooled ok – if was sitting on the desk next to you, blowing at you. The colored lights were neat. But the thing leaked and we had to set it on a tray. We returned it to the store for a refund later that month. Maybe useful in an office setting at work where one person gets hot, but really, a small personal type fan would be just as effective and less messy.

Jimmy Lee says:


Liz Lopez says:

i’m in Australia so what can help me in summer like 35′ or 40′ in home i don’t need but in my work in the factory i need something

Richard Koeder says:

They junk don’t waste your money..

Lorenzo Youngblood says:

I have went and bought one it does not work here where it is 32 degrees Celsius and muggy

Ramsevak Patel says:

aek dam badiaaaàaaaaaaaaaàa

Mike Spike says:

Humidity anyone? Although it is true that ambient heat from the air in a room can be used to evaporate water, it is also true that humidity can lead to problems. Perhaps in an extremely dry environment this approach might be acceptable. Dunno. Jury’s still out on this one, I think.

Peace PL says:

1 liter water evaporates takes out ~650 watt equvalent energy. However you’ll have to much moist in your place.

StfuNooB! says:


Elijah Carli says:


Gitanos Flamenco says:

This is device is a mesh absorbing water and a fan blowing air through the mesh. This is not an air conditioner. Also this will increase humidity and is not good for health and for electronic devices. Although this might give little relief in dry heat, but will not work in hot humid weather.

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