$5,000 zero gravity office desk

We swapped our standing desks for an Ergoquest Zero Gravity Chair. The company claims the workstation “neutralizes gravity” by aligning your body to ease pressure from your spine. Although the Zero Gravity Chair was initially designed for people with disabilities or physical limitations, ErgoQuest President Jeff Vanden told Tech Insider that the typical client is a professional who uses a computer all day. Fitting into that category, we decided to give it a spin.

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Doc Ferringer says:

I have used one of these for going on 3 years now, albeit a slightly different model. Every single one of their complaints boil down to the desk not being correctly assembled for that particular user.

Bespoke Design: For starters, ErgoQuest makes these desks according to your body measurements which is why some people loved sitting in it and others hated it. The zero gravity effect only works when the seat depth/width, and back height/width match your body, otherwise your weight is going to be focused on pressure points instead of spreading out evenly.

Keyboard Tray: Yeah, that thing was set up WAY too high. You’ll notice the tray arm connects to the vertical support tubing and rests on top of a lock collar. Adjust the tray until it is perfectly horizontal, then lower the lock collar and the tray arm until the tray is about 6 inches above your thighs. That will give you enough clearance to get in and out of the chair. Once you are in the chair and the tray is in position, the tray is designed to pivot down an extra 3-4 inches and angle forward (and you can fine tune that with a knob on the tray). My tray rests on the arm rests, so there is no wobble like the one person described. It should feel like you are sitting at a regular office desk as far as your arm angle is concerned.

Monitor Arm: Again, WAY too high. The top of your monitors should be level with your line of sight (when fully reclined and looking straight ahead). The fact that the blonde woman in that video was looking so far up is a dead giveaway that the monitor arm needs to be lowered. Lower the monitor arm just like you lowered the tray arm, and fine tune it as desired so you can read the screens without straining. The monitor mounts can be adjusted up/down and left/right as needed.

Cable Management: I guess if you want to navigate a cable jungle every time you get in and out of your desk then that’s your choice, but I routed my cables along the mounting arms and down to my PC. Properly set up, the monitor and tray arms can swing out completely so you can get in and out of the chair without pulling on any cables.

ErgoQuest sells all kinds of accessories for these things: lights, speaker mounts, you name it. I’ve even seen motorized zero gravity chairs that can separate from the desk, so you can take your comfy chair into the living room and watch a movie. Pretty neat stuff.

AppleIsA Kolor says:

so zero G porn?

Criterion515 says:

For 5k this is terribly designed. There should be no cable chaos and they should not need to be looking so far up. This is bad ergonomics for the cost. You can do much better for 5k.

dane wighton says:

hey 6’s hippie dude … I feel listneing and watching you is also a punishment

john smith says:

The goal of the viewer is to get a review of the product which conflicts with the goal of the people in this video who are trying to be funny. Not funny

dr mna faiz says:

Looking upside on screen…what’s the effect on eyes?…as it’s known the screen level should be below eye

Daphne Cheng says:

just gonna sleep in it

Cameron Mercado-Goodwin says:

it looks like it sucks

H Ti says:

products that went wrong…in their actually functionality for people in different sizes

Carlos Chapa says:

If you don’t have a back issue, don’t buy it, but for those who had injuries, this is the only thing we can work on.

Lukas Sprehn says:

The surfer looking guy is a retard.

Volcker1929 says:

None of these millennial assholes have back problems. Rupture a disc, then try sitting in a normal office chair for 10 hours. Whoever set this up was dumb and or lazy, it should have been much better adjusted to each person and the cables zipped up out of the way.

MrZeebra456 says:

Chair from grandmas boy

Lance Roark says:

I have a chair like this, it was about $2,000. I can buy some video glasses for less than $500 and have the same functionality. You too could spend half the money on a gravity chair and glasses for half the price and enjoy the same quality.

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