X Rocker Bluetooth Office Chair REVIEW

We explore the X-Rocker gaming office executive audio bluetooth desk chair. There are so many names of this chair online it’s nuts. Nonetheless there is only one office chair made by X-Rocker that we know of. We all agreed we would DUB it the UNOFFICIAL PS4 Destiny Chair.

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Shebaaz Singh says:

get a xrocker curve I got its better

southnyourmind says:

Are the arms movable?

WoLv Abyss says:

my power cord broke the first day I got it

Laceupsolo says:

I need help assembleing it

phas3d says:

Choosing something like this over a true ergonomic chair is just plain stupid.

reviewloop says:

Is there no sub-woofer in the back of that thing?

Prokash Debnath says:

That intro music gave me cancer.

DonSklz123 says:

I bought this nearly a year ago after watching this. Do not buy this, even if you’re are trying to go on a budget. The sound is so bad that you will never use it. My cat ended up using it as a scratching post. He is right though, it’s comfortable, but you can get that with a cheaper chair. If you are a gamer and want the surround sound from your chair, please don’t look here.

ben dover says:

Where is a link to purchase this model ???

Ryder's Gaming says:

This thing is a Pain In the ass to assemble. I haven’t even gotten a chance to enjoy it because I can’t figure out how the hell I’m going to put the hand rest with the chair and then the back support.

grapezzzz19 says:

my friend just gave me his.

Cake W says:

Sleek Chair. Nice video.

Samantha Lewis says:

The directions are so unhelpful I don’t understand how to put the wheels on how did you do it

UGGZ101 says:

Thanks for the review

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