Workpro PRO-766E Office Chair unboxing & review –

In this video I unbox, assemble, and review this cool-looking office chair I got from Office Max. Support my channel by buying it from Amazon:


Dustin Bradford says:

Same here, no instructions. 

Dee Jay says:

Spent that extra money and get the high back version with headrest.  ….worth the extra money.

I David says:

Thanks for the video. I am a large person (over 300lbs) and there’s no issue with the bottom part hitting your back.

Nojoch P says:

Is this the predecessor for the Workpro 767e, interested in this and wondering if you don’t mind how much you paid and comparitive of how its holding up. Looking into getting one, just got back from testing it out instore…. I have to sit long periods and seems to be a good match.

WildTurkeyDon says:

Mine did not come with instructions and I got if after watching your vid so I was sure to check in the spot you highlighted in the video.

trippplefive says:

there’s no follow up to this video…safe to say you returned it ?

nina trilisky says:

The Assambly Instruction is always inside of the covered by plastic back. In this video you also can see it, when the plastic was removed with the instructin inside of it. See this video starting from 3:31record. ;o)

Sweetoholic says:

I’m so thankful you made this video. I pulled the back of the chair up so high it became uncomfortable. I figured if I pulled it up all the way it would slide back down (husband lost the instructions) but for some reason it wasn’t coming down. Thanks to you, I discovered I had to pull it up one more notch! Thanks a lot!

ThaiRoundhouse says:

When you lean back, does the seat bottom move back with the back of the chair so that the whole chair rocks back and forth or does just the back tilt? I’m thinking about getting this chair but I can’t seem to figure this out from looking at it online. Thanks! 🙂

Julie Sanchez says:

Thanks for the video – I had someone else assemble this in the store & there was no manual when I went to pick it up. If not for you I would not know how to adjust the chair!! 🙂

Richard Gagliano says:

Thank you for taking the time, this video was helpful.

Specialist says:

How tall is it from Ass to Floor?


That pull barn is ganna make a awesome studio! I bet your loving the wall paper for now lol.

Doug Powell says:

Thanks for the video comments. Just purchased one of these and was fairly impressed with the floor model. I too am 6′ 2″ and checked out leg position. Seems good but haven’t yet spent a few hours in it. When I sit, I often out my feet up on the spider arms for the casters and this felt pretty good too.  I also opted for the fabric seat instead of mesh. They did have a silver/gray color that may not show the lint so badly.
As for those who are possibly less mechanically inclined, the store does offer assembly for a nominal fee. I am having mine delivered and it is the floor model so it is already put together. I’ll have to check the hardware for tightness anyway.
Thanks for the unboxing.

Damian Dodd says:

Comments are for discussion of this chair, not to post ads for other chairs. Thanks.

Hartleytribe says:

I’ve just bought this chair only to get it home (already assembled in store) to find it is too low! However, there seems to be a long piece of “rod” showing at the bottom where it goes into the base, so I wonder if it can be raised there? I have no instructions as the store already had one assembled. I’m 6ft so it’s not my lack of height making the chair feel too low!

Marc De Anda says:

Good luck finding replacement casters. I’ve been looking all week with no luck at all. It has some odd stem, and I can’t find a single manufacturer that makes replacement casters.

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