Why the top gaming chairs suck!

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Gaming chairs look cool but do not provide ergonomic support! I review some key things to look for when choosing an ergonomic chair for gaming.


Kanashto says:

Oh look, the chair touches his back = there is back support! …..

El says:

Where is the gaming chair?

bahia9991 says:

What does this guy know of gaming?

Shaun White says:

but who doesn’t slide their chair under the desk there at, and if your playing console you will likely lay back how the chair is designed to support you??I noticed you are sitting far from your desk, you got to get up under there man.watching further I realize you also slide forward much farther on the standard chair you say is better.

Dan Rule says:

So the the missing component is a forward tilt? Any chair that is high back and forward tilt option and not $700? If not, need to get that on shark tank man.

Humbert humbert says:

Got my new Herman miller for $300 😀

Maceshank says:

Why does this have so many dislikes? This video brings up so many good points

Mr. 'el says:

This chair makes the tilt capabilities on a monitor more useful.

Bandit Darville says:

I am sitting on such a chair as i write this, though the locking mechanism is broken on it so it moves when i move.. Also, it squeeks while it does that which is annoying AF. Must be said though that this chair is 20 years old and the the rest of my chairs all broke within 1-3 years..

DoubleDutchGamer says:

Those aren’t even ‘gaming chairs’…

Lofty Marsh says:

I bought the “Master Bater Chair”, it puts extra pressure on your wrists causing extreme hand numbness!

Skull_Kid says:

Cause it cost too much money. Like if you agree!

Ching Kee says:

Everyone who is here is people who can’t afford gaming chairs and say they are overpriced

Condoleezza Rice says:

“gaming” headsets suck as well.

the geek says:

great video. helped me fine tune my chair and make it very comfortable. I noticed my accuracy in FPS after a week stayed more consistent after 2 or 3 hours and my rank went up in multiple games. amzn has some great chairs that are half the cost of the gamer chairs and will last longer. also note if your chair is old the gas cylinder can be replaced pretty easy, as well as, the wheels. they sell wheels for hardwood, tile, etc. I got wheels for mine that look like roller blade wheels, they rock.

Marin Belec says:

It looks like you got a $50 Korean chair from your local grocery shop, and it had gaming written on it. Of course is sucks.

Not saying that gaming chairs aren’t overpriced and overhyped, but the one you have doesn’t even look comfortable.

I can’t speak from experience cause I don’t have one of those fancy “gaming” chairs, but I tried a nice tall DXRacer chair with those cushions in a shop recently, and it was comfortable and really made me want to sit upright. That was only a few minutes so again, I can’t really argue for those kind of chairs.

0x02 says:

Steve has all valid points

Clicks says:

That chair is shit however top gaming chairs are not, dxracer is great

DJ Alixer says:

Can you recommend one for ppl with coccyx pain PLEASE??

mrstanlez says:

Yes, You have a truth.

BackFireZz says:

wtf is this guy on about? I dont think he has ever sat in a gaming chair

Jay Zedler says:

Overpriced but they don’t suck. The real thing that sucks is Steve’s channel

Plevell says:

wtf and where is the gaming chair? 😀

QFun says:

Gaming chairs – the alienware of the chair world.

Graphicsc says:

why the hell are you gaming ?


I just bought a srd sr3 recaro than just screwed it on the base of a office chair. Most comfortable chair ever. Sure, it cost me $1,400, but at least it’s a chair I actually feel comfortable in. lol.

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