Why Do People Buy Gaming Chairs?

IMO Gaming chairs are not worth it
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edited by Andrew Kerrigan


Melinda Burns says:

OMG The magicarp at the end spiting to move backwards is frikken hilarious lol.

preyneyv says:

7:32 I’m offended that you assume that everyone has a bed. I sleep on my computer desk. I just move the keyboard off to the side, scrunch up on the table and sleep. Please, Matt, be a bit more sensitive.

Jokes aside, I actually did sleep on my desk once. It was surprisingly comfortable.

Imen Hashim says:

i think youre a little hard on the secret lab chair. its actually a really good chair. i own one myself. i got the soft tech whatever cloth one that is a lot softer than the leather, and before the bait comments no i am not 12 im 26 and yes i paid for it myself. i am a computer engineer and i spend a LOT of time at my computer. that chair saved my back. i didnt buy it because “gaming” i would have gotten a shitty racing chair if that was the case. i bought it because i actually need a good chair because of all the time i spend sitting at a computer for my job. these kind of chairs are SUPPOSED to be a little firm. its bad for your back if they arent, also i have degenerative bone loss because my body doesnt properly metabolize calcium correctly so my bones are a bit porous and hurt ALL THE TIME. I will give you that it took a good 3-4 weeks of sitting in it before it broke in (def more than 15 hours) but it has held up great and is very comfortable. Another reason i got it is because it has a whole lot of different ways to adjust it when youre sitting for a long period of time because not adjusting is really bad for your bones, muscles and circulation (especially for someone like me) so i HAVE to be able to re-adjust it frequently or my body hurts badly. especially my hips.

Supreme Duck says:

Gaming chairs are for supporting your neck and back so it doesn’t hurt when you play a game and sit for too long

EliRavPlayZ-FeZo says:

why do gamers game

Zeis Lion says:

“I can jump like this, and it feels good”
…oh no….

Vladimir Erkekov says:

Dude, you are fat and flappy, so as the “Girl” and your bearded bud. You need to stand up, not sit down. Go to the gym or run in the park. Don’t make “chair videos”.

Kombat 36O says:

I might buy that office chair, i really need something good for posture

JmBrave10 says:

Just got a typical gaming chair a week ago and….yea, this videos accurate. The sides of the back and seat are hard making you only able to sit forwards instead of being able to freely move around the sides too. My butt gets a bit uncomfortable and especially the sides of my legs (am an adult male) on the seat get pain after hours of gaming. Decided to return this trash and just go for a chair similar to the black one in the video. Do not fall for the sponsored gaming chairs my popular gaming streamers/youtubers.

Virgil Williams says:

Maybe because it cums with a box of Kleenex when someone looks at Porn Hub. Lol

Slinx says:

Honestly i bought a gaming chair because i saw so many youtubers ans streamers with them. i figured they must be good right? nah, they are just for the look, and i don’t even like how they look. i’ma try that staples chair. one day i’ll find the best, most comfy, amazing looking chair. then i can die happy

J 671 says:

I use a freaking wooden stool

King Wizard says:

My Secret Lab omega with mesh weave is on the way. Cant wait!

Fordsie says:

I use a gaming chair at work (i work at a computer component retailer/repair shop) and it feels only marginally more comfortable than my $15 thrift store chair from home, and that is crooked and hurts my back.

Travis Bard says:

ive been on fence over what chair to get as ive been using my kitchen table chair and you just helped sway me to get a good comfortable reliable chair over flashy gaming chair. comfort over looks. everyone else on youtube just sways you to whatever gaming chair they are getting paid by and it is like well fck man what do i get….you rock.

kj king slayer says:

“Smack it, don’t poke it” that’s what she said.

FrankieseshyFilms says:

Herman Miller Aeron used for $300 on Craigslist, most comfortable chair ive had/

MonZ says:

well i have pain on my back for so long after buy alpha gamer i never had pain again ( i play more then 12 hours day ) well is the best chair i ever had

MrrrrMime says:

steelcase leap v2 – game over!

Karolis 1 says:

Because they look weird

Sean Nolan says:

if you’re not willing to drop 1k+ on a crazy office chair or look for a used one.

Just buy a 10-30$ office chair. They’re better then 300-400$ gaming chair. (Iv’e been thru 2 “gaming” chairs. they’re fucking terrible)

Pibbz says:

stop being lazy and just stand

Big Meme Boi says:

I get where you’re coming from but with me personally I like my gaming chair. I got it from the website I used that built my PC and it was one of the better decisions. I’m a slightly wider person and the lower cushion supports my back and feels quite comfortable (if I position it just right). The head cushion is a bit pointless but can be nice for those lazy days with your feet up binging Netflix. The chair doesn’t bounce much but the cushioning for my ass is just perfect for me however I do get swamp ass. However, when the chair is reclined back a bit i’m able to move back and forth like a rocking chair and that provides comfort and fun to my fidgety self. My chair is a GT omega racing gaming chair. I feel some chairs are better suited for some people and some other chairs are suited for other people. I do agree a lot with the statements more in your video and I would probably enjoy regular office chairs. At my college I do IT and sometimes I feel those chairs are really comfortable.

yelbunk says:

Hi your a dunkey clone

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