Which Office Chair? – A Quick Buyer’s Guide

The IKEA Markus chair is one of the most affordable and best built office / gaming / computer chairs in the market but it isn’t perfect for me. Here’s my guide on what to test out when looking for your perfect office / gaming / computer chair.

Premium office chairs definitely have a hefty price tag but if you’re sitting on them for hours on end they can be a worthwhile investment. Some of the highly regarded premium task chairs include:
Steelcase Gesture http://amzn.to/2dffBZC
Steelcase Leap http://amzn.to/2d4GmQX
Steelcase Amia http://amzn.to/2dl0lbt
Herman Miller Embody http://amzn.to/2dffCwL
Herman Miller Aeron http://amzn.to/2d74yp9
Herman Miller Mirra 2 http://amzn.to/2dryMTd

I hear good things about about some less expensive adjustable chairs like the following but it’s hard to know without being able to test them in person.
Alera Elusion http://amzn.to/2dDhu4w
Office Master OM5 http://amzn.to/2d9RrRt

And of course there’s my IKEA Markus chair that I continue to use to this day until I can afford something better, you can watch my review on it here:
The “Generic” Chair in the video I think is from a company called Global. https://www.globalfurnituregroup.com/us/products/seating/work_task_seating

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Pacoroto says:

eight hundred?!

Quentin Ding says:

We all know that the only reason 60% of us here are were too poor to buy a gaming chair

James Hurley says:

how about you quit being such a pussy, dog? my office chair is a CRKT m16-13dsfg and i dont seem to have any of your bitch ass problems. maybe you’re trying to indoctrinate us into the consortium of “big desk chair” or maybe the globalists have just gotten to you too and you don’t even realize it. in any case i think you need to man up and take your goddamn vitamins. i don’t really care what’s shat in your cereal but something’s gotta give; either the umpa lumpa uses his russian ties to release halo online in the usa and i can play it without my bank account emptying or im gonna have to stop bustin nuts on car door handles. great vid, subscribed.


jerry kurata says:

I love my Embody.

TheDamnDevo says:

Thanks for putting this together

Justin Velo says:

How tall are you?

Ognjen Novakovic says:

The of that song?

skylark304 says:

very informative !

Bimmerstye1 says:

Hi David, I’ve sat in this chair at Ikea and I almost bought it. It feels solid and pretty well built at the store but how is it in the long run? After this time, can you say this still is a solid chair? No weird clunky noises? No play on the joints and such? My current chair makes all kind of noises and is pretty wobbly after a little over 2 years. I want to avoid this in my new chair so thats why I didn’t buy the chair yet but wanted to do some more research.

qiu pan says:

Hello, watch your video, feel good for making, i want to work with you, i have an office chair need to make a comment video about time in about 2-3 minutes to see if you are interested in cooperation?


All Is Good But At 1:28, Nobody is such a fool who will use books in this way but you are.

quixoticfallcy says:

What about autonomous.ai chair?

josh greenim says:

Best home office Humanscale Freedom Chair, Lumiy Lightblade LED desk lamp, !

hu yuanze says:

I usually set more than then hours in front of my desk (lol). That ikea chair is kill my back and butt. Think of spend a fortune on a herman miller…

LegendaryVegeta says:

dave 2d yunger brother lol

Philcob Josol says:

What’s the keyboard brand?

MrOstrichLover202 says:

I’m definitely getting this chair but can’t decide on faux leather or fabric. Did you try faux leather and what made you decide on fabric? Thanks.

Confounded Feline says:

I spent a very long time mulling over chair choices and doing research before landing on the Markus. I’ve had it a year now and I don’t like it. The seat base feels too long, I can never get the resistance right and over all it feels too immobile to really get into a comfortable position. I think I might pick up a used high end chair off eBay soon instead.

Fluxyyz says:

*Searches up budget chairs* ~ *gets told to buy a $1000 chair*

Nassi says:

i’m thinking of buying the Herman Miller Aeron from amazon, just a quick question… it has an assembly options… with or without expert assembly, can someone explain what this means exactly, i’m buying from Australia by the way, i’ve never bought a chair from amazon before…

Pasha Defragzor says:

Bar chairs is the best, sitting is – bad.. ^^

Max Wicked says:

I had the IKEA Markus for almost a week and then I brought it back to the shop because there was almost no padding on the seat. I thought it would soften up but it’s as stiff as a rock and really painful to sit on if you spent most of your day at the desk. I wouldn’t recommend this chair to anyone

C North says:

I just bought a Gesture, worship me plebs!

vex123 says:

I bought the same Markus chair and it was shit. The seat padding wore out after a few months and became extremely uncomfortable. Had to return it afterwards. Don’t buy this chair if you’re a gamer, or work from home.

amarjot parmar says:

where is overwatch gameplay i came for?

Zcos says:

This man has perfect posture.

Xian H says:

No one in right mind should put or touch books with feet.That’s absurd.

John Dizon says:

I use a monoblock chair ;(

Broom says:

mine was sat-thru after 1.5 years. it now hurts after an hour sitting on it.

Paul Michael Santos says:

I got a steelcase leap v2


hey guys or anyone i need some advise , i’ve been injured from work , i feel off a utility post on the job and injured my lower back , i was , been out work for awhile now im back to work after a couple of months i want to know whats the best chair for me to be seated on for my back injury

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