Ultimate Office Chair? Herman Miller Embody Review

Is the Herman Miller Embody the best office & gaming chair? It’s definitely one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve sat in but it’s not without it’s flaws and limitations. Also it’s pretty pricey.

Herman Miller Embody:
http://amzn.to/2yrXmwz (Amazon US)
http://bit.ly/2xkgvjZ (Herman Miller)

Wallpaper on PC:


*The Herman Miller Embody was provided on loan for this review


Stupead – Alright

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Simon White says:

Best chair for leg crossers? I didn’t even know that was something that got reviewed, I sit like that 99% of the time.

Rafe Adler says:

I dont know if you really need that

ʕʘ‿ʘʔHaji84ʕʘ‿ʘʔ says:

such noises ruin everything

Blake M. says:

Can you test the HAG Capisco?

XHAD says:

Aka a show chair

sayan hussain says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk?

Dat Boi says:

Very good vid but you don’t have to say “hi I’m david” you’re not fucking james bond mate

moonrockin123 says:

Regardless of the price, HM Embody is the best office chair of all.

sayan hussain says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk?

mysterfr says:

For the same price tag, you could have also considered a Steelcase chair !

sayan hussain says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk?

E Tow says:

$1500usd is expensive for home use, but chump change for fat cat corporations and government institutions. Heck chairs at the Pentagon meeting rooms cost $4500usd each the last time I checked and no they aren’t fancy ergonomic chairs like this, but good old fashion leather foam chairs with custom embroidered military insignia on the head rest. I for one is still skeptical of these overpriced non-foam mesh chairs like the Aeron. It looks like they want to do away with foam because these chair manufacturers have to buy their foam elsewhere and cannot be made in house. A good high resilience foam chair like the Office Master PT78 is still best according to many ergonomists, but great review nonetheless.

Unboxing Sve says:

As always great reviews!

sayan hussain says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk?

Jeff Cook says:

0:13 holy shit

MikeFujiePhoto says:

Nice detailed review, David! Wish I could afford it.

kntwing says:

$1500 lmfao i wouldn’t buy a office or home chair with $100 is my limited >.< hey a tour around your house?i want to see how it looks like? a asian guy to another 😉

Crucial Tech says:

Awsome review as always!!

Sadiq Yusuf Lawal says:

If only you uploaded more often, but i cant complain. Quality over Quantity.

silverberet says:

you sounded too forced in giving it a positive review. it’s like, you described all the bad points that will make this unworthy for even $300, and yet, you say that this is *almost* worth the much higher price tag.

Frankie Repalda says:

Great review..wishing you were here going barefoot in Hawaii when you can visit lol and I get to show you around the places where I go

TuxKey says:

Got it couple years back tried everything else got a different Herman miller for my wife I think Mira

Atlantic Picture says:

If you sit a lot adjustable lumbar support, that MOVES FRONT & BACK is a MUST. 1500 is a joke for this.
There are better ones that you can actually ADJUST properly for half the price. (function>design>price>color)

Hidayat Hidayat says:


Janis Veide says:

What’s your thoughts on the Ikea Markus after using the Embody?

nodrogkam says:

We have these at work. It just doesn’t feel good for me over time and I’m about the same build as you.

Rafael Rossi says:

Great video David, as usual. Side question: what watch are you wearing?

Gokhan Kocyigit says:

Does it have neck or head support? Is the upper curved parts works head support?

Hidayat Hidayat says:

technology the best

Amuffin says:

Love the review. This is the only high quality serious review ive found on the embody on youtube. I personally bought the aeron because the embody has cloth which I am afraid will get dirty. Any issues with sweat/smell?

Oğuz Akankan says:

i don’t think it will be worth it for 1250$

mitchellhp says:

Great vid, David! What do you think of those bungee cord office chairs?

Arc says:

Me: huh this looks nice
*checks Amazon page*
Me: haha, yeah I can’t afford that

Dimitri Kupzov says:

1200 $ wtf?

Dante - says:

♥ I love this Chair ♥

TheIsolatedPhoenix says:

So is this you new chair u r currently gonna use? Or r u still gonna use the volmar

Mohammad Hadi says:

Hey David! Any suggestions for people who sit crossed legged almost 70% of the time? I feel like leather extra wide chairs would work but I’d like to hear your take 🙂

JD Perez says:

$1200 for a single chair hell that shit better come with a blowjob

Sucrose says:

no headrest? 🙁

Ilja Miskov says:

Looks comfy, but it’s kind of ugly for my taste. Great video anyways!

Liangshi Xu says:

It better be…. 1200$

Any good alternative clones?

Toolify says:

Great review, David! You hit some really good points here. I’ve been using this chair for the last 3 months and couldn’t agree more about the armrests. I do love the back so that’s why I keep it, but hey: Herman Miller… if you’re listening *hint hint*, let’s make Embody Remastered sport some better armrests! The originals are very finicky especially when it comes to side-to-side adjustment.

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