ULTIMATE ERGONOMIC CHAIR? ~ Steelcase Gesture Review

Find out if it’s worth paying more for an office chair! 😄

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Lbow86 says:

Thanks for the review, been debating about getting one…

and that is a dope ass beat in the beginning of the video 100%

corradoQC says:

Hey do you know where to get that chair in Quebec ? I found dealers in Vancouver and Calgary, any options that are closer ?

Dave Soo says:

better in x1.25 playback speed.

theagrafiotis says:

3:41 thug life!

Jeff Bays says:

why dudes hair look like a trump head piece? upgrade your head piece

Pablo Romero says:

what accent is that??? youuu taaalk like thiiis, I have listen other youtubers talk like that, does everyone on your city have the same accent??? regards

Vernum says:

I heard that the seat of the gesture tends to get super hot during the summer and is very hard and inclined to the front making us slide slightly out of the chair. Is that true?

AD7 says:


flyminion says:

How was your employer able to get a demo unit?

Martin Suedzberg says:

You can also order chairs from AliExpress

André Elliot says:

Nice review! Do you have any experience from the steelcase leap?
I cant deside whether I should go with the leap or gesture..

Steven Allium says:

What camera do you use?

mariomdv says:

I subbed after watching the first minute of this video. As the owner of a $400 super duper cool looking DXRacer that impresses all who see it I have to agree 100%. These chairs look awesome but, at least in my experience, they’re very uncomfortable to sit for long periods in. You do have those holes for your four point racing harness though! Ugh…

Zombysz says:

Ultimate? No. Good? Yes!

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