The Remastered SecretLab OMEGA 2018 Gaming Chair – Comprehensive Review

Secret Lab Omega 2018 Gaming Chair Review – Is it the best gaming/programming/streaming/working chair? Will this be the ONLY gaming chair you ever need, or not? Show this video some LOVE, drop a comment below!!

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Rysx says:

New Shamwow guy!

Tanner Man says:

It’s good to find someone who answers more than just the basic questions.

Thanks for the information, especially on such a costly chair.

Judah B says:

$400 for a gaming chair !!!!!!! Yea right lmao

Ceruleannn says:

my fucking god… why is everything getting the label “remastered” these days? It started with music. Old recordings were being REMASTERED since they had been MASTERED in the first place, it’s a natural process of music production. It made sense to call it that. Then came video games. You don’t “master” a video game. Hence the term “remastered” doesn’t make sense. And now chairs!?!?

Alpha Mobile says:

Can it run Minecraft, tho?

Joseph Mendoza jr says:

Good review bruv

Gold says:

You forgot to test if you can have sex on this chair?

Cloud Strife says:

I’m thinking of getting the softfabric titan but I hear to many conflicting reviews. I wish I could at least sit on it before spending $400.

Its Neight says:

Secretlabs make incredible chairs and the Omega itself is amazing. I purchased the softweave charcoal and its awesome. Cant recommend them enough.

Drumm3r leon says:

I bought this gaming chair cheap and the ratings are good

crowned king says:

I feel sorry for your back using that still.

crowned king says:

Looks like a dx racer with a different lable

Brian Orr says:

Fun review ^^ And thank you for stating the cons of the PU leather peeling if you don’t take care of it and mentioning fabric or mesh will likely last longer. Good to know 🙂 Best review of Omega I’ve found, especially since I can’t sit in the chair before buying it.

Tappy Oka says:

Should I get PU leather or SoftWeave Fabric?
Also what is The NAPA leather option?

deepwater-jew says:

You know what else you can do? Just buy a good office chair, that gaming chair shit is nothing but a gimmick, you don’t get what you pay for at all. Spend the same money on an office chair and you’ll get more comfort and still be in the mid grade chairs.

Travis In Canada says:

Find me a chair that doesn’t have that same stupid base with the piston that ALWAYS fails.
Even expensive chairs still use that same stupid air piston design that ALWAYS fails eventually.

oral phantom says:

amazing video! you should have 4-5 million. keep up with the work!

Momfasa says:

Calm down. This is not a music video

TotoroFN says:


Jude Groomes says:

Who spends that long editing?

Northside Mixes says:

Thx mike this answered all of my questions and I got the same exact chair!

Brains techKnowlogy says:

Very imformative. tnx. by the way. did secret lab sent u the chair?

D.J. Dayola says:

so this chair over the DXRACER?

Jarga says:

how do you only have 10k subscribers
your videos seem so professional


Secret lab is the razer of gaming chairs so you know it sucks the best gaming chair is clutch

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