The Problem With Racing Gaming Chairs

Do Racing Gaming Chairs Suck? Some people love them, some people hate them. I think they are okay but there are definitely some things to watch out for before buying one for yourself.

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Forsen's MOTD says:

I actualy use a basic plastic chair, and it is okay

Nam Phan says:

who actually crosses their legs on their chair?

Mafia Cod says:

DXRacer king series. KTHXBAI.

Ronan C says:

Okay I know you said gaming stuff is overpriced… but the Razer Mamba was 100% worth it IMO

Yu Jay says:

Search for a Ergonomic chair and buy one without the brand for a quarter the price.
Mines really comfy, but I had to get a proper lumbar support for it, the pillow does nothing! NOTHING!
Also, aim to get a fabric chair, the leather chairs are way to harsh for the summer and the Pu leather chairs peal over time.

kasey demerchant says:

My chair beats the shit out of any office chair I have had before and I bought 5 decent office chairs all trash also when anyone sits in my DX they have a orgasm and refuse to get out.

Gregory Everson says:

my PC chair cost 50$ its the same thing as a “Racing” chair

Marcellino Lucchi says:

not helpful at all

Hammy Bunghole says:

I have had my gaming chair for 2 years and love it

TurtleBurger says:

Wtf there is even e-furniture target adds on this

Froosti says:

I was expecting a video about racing with gaming chairs, not a review of racing gaming chairs…

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.

Harrison Farrell says:

Lemme get a rip in the chat for all the sponsors who thought this guy would somehow help sell gamer chairs

Jeseipi says:

bruh whats wrong with using a excersize ball

Lapin says:

I just built myself a simracing rig and I sit on a 1999 Cobra Sebring S. That’s a racing seat boiiii

Cobey Smith says:


Raymond Arroyo says:

Here is a video with a list of complaints about racing gaming chairs that are either non-unique, overly particular or pretty much left up to ones own preference.

GamingKidTwelve says:

Ya’ll got chairs, I’ve got a adjustable bed.

CPUzer0 says:

AK Racing premium v2 was the first “gaming chair” i found acceptable. Relatively wide and flat seat allowing some freedom of movement and firm seat to keep it comfortable over longer periods. Solid construction with metal frame too (and it does not look ridiculously “gamery” in solid black). Figured it would be better than similarly priced office chairs that seem to usually have more mushy cushions (“bottoming out” eventually) and weak frames. Sure there are better chairs, but they often come at even greater cost.

Dave Grohl says:

god dammit

just use a normal chair and save your money

xGARIDx says:

I have office chair for 75$ and its better than my previous wooden chair haha

Estranged180 says:

As a larger-than-normal person, I’ve found that most places (online included) do not carry chairs that can handle my body size. Know this, I’m not a fat guy, but I do have some weight behind my 6′ 7″ frame. Normal chairs have issues. Things like the pneumatic piston that controls the chair height breaks, starts leaking, and just makes a mess of black powder all over the floor, and anything else that touches it. This is an issue with any adjustable height chair, but most of them can’t handle more than 250 lbs. Where does that leave someone like myself, at 310 lbs? Well, that leaves someone like myself looking for a chair that can support 350+ lbs. Normal chairs cannot support that weight. Gaming chairs (particularly DXRacer) make a ‘big & tall’ chair called “Tank” series chairs. No other company that I’ve found makes chairs that can support my wieght, and are readily available. Yes, gaming chairs are more expensive, but for some of us, everything is more expensive than normal. Shoes, pants, shirts, everything.

cracktalkz says:

i have a squeeky wooden office chair my dad found in a dumpster over 20 years ago.. the one i had before was a foot stool, at that point my pc table was a small night table with drawers from top to buttom, wich ment i had to sit with my legs sideways. the set-up i have now is a houndred times(more like 11) better than the first one, but is still total shit.

Richard Hagan says:

I just game on my couch with an xbox contoller on my 55 inch tv, fuck sitting at a desk

MLG_YourMom says:

i have a simple non-adjustable wooden chair. no armrests at all. but a large seating area.
if i want to sit properly it is already sized perfectly, so my legs are in the most healthy position and my eyes are on the height of the top of the monitor.
but mostly i shift around into all kinds of comfy positions that are impossible on “regular” chairs.
i’d even go as far as to recommend people who practically live in front of a PC to give those chairs a shot.

VampireDuck says:

I actually really liked the simplistic art. It meant I wasn’t distracted much from anything you were saying while still maintaining my attention.

JoeDerk Gaming FR says:

watching this sitting on my haworth x99!! Gaming chairs are just gimmicks!!

Fugly to Funky says:

I use a camping chair, sink right into it whilst playing F1 2017. Plus it was only £30 (around $40).

Vash Baldeus says:

Disliked, not due to the information, but due to the fact that your mic picks up the “chewing” sounds of your spit while you talk, which is annoying af.

iAgentLu says:

“RACING” gaming chairs…

InkDropFalls says:

i have none of these issues with my race chair one the most budget ones and i do like sit cross legs …Deer Hunter is the brand

Stosek7 says:

Owning Dx – piece of shit – Racer I concure with everything you said. It’s an overpriced, shit quality, fancy looking design and I regret buying it. Never agin I will buy any of those “gaming chairs”.

siralanlordsugar says:

I wouldn’t go call them a racing chair as they are a single non-adjustable piece of shell, I call them a sport seat as they frequently appear as option items in sportcars like in 911 GT2 RS

Daniel Stenger says:


Jewish Person says:

I had no idea about gaming chairs, now that I know, all I can think is, what a retarded invention. Who asked for this? My leather chair which cost me 80 bucks is the most comfortable chair ever. I sat on one of these “gaming chairs” and it hurt my back and legs after 5 minutes. What is the point of these?

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