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Janred says:

It looks kind of uncomfortable to be honest. But most ergonomic chairs do.
I always had thick padded PU leather chairs but I am really tired of buying a new chair every three years, just because the leather broke again…

Mr G says:

What’s the difference from Merryfair? Is this a licensed product?

neaumusic says:

lumbar not adjustable enough for leaning back

Emonadeo says:

Chairs are not that simple. What people feel comfortable is mostly subjective, especially what expensive & ergonomic chairs are concerned. You can’t just say to one chair “That’s the best for anyone”. I suggest everyone to try chairs before buying them. I just got a rather expensive one (around 500$) but I tested a lot of chairs before deciding which one to buy. For example I absolutely hate headrests which I did not know before. Good quality chairs are marked by high durability, high number of customization options and of course the level of comfort.

EpArI SaTwIk says:

In our currency its very expensive and to realise what can i buy with £354 where i stay….easily get a 42 inches T.V !! I like that gaming chair though.This doesn’t mean i want to buy it!! 🙂

Niick WiiPlayer says:

looks very good. still looking for this chair in germany. anybody knows where to purchase it in germany?

Prod. By MDOTDASUPA says:

@MrThaiBox, what brand and model desk is that?

Godfrey Ekele says:

nice chair

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Style over substance

josh greenim says:

Nice office setup. Yes very awesome chair. I would say perfect setup would be adding a, Lumiy Lightblade LED light

MaX Falstein says:

My family has five of the V1s, I am tempted to buy a V2, but I am not convinced with the rubber just yet. It looks fantastic, but functionally I would have to be convinced. I am very much unsure about the rubber headrest. I love my V1, I am not jumping to buy a V2 just yet.

Jeffrey says:

GT Omega is so much better.

droknron says:

I owned that chair before and it was super uncomfortable I had to return it, honestly it was like sitting on a church pew, almost no padding, all style no substance. The way it reclines is really odd too.

Chairs are very subjective, try in store before you buy one.

ThinkCleverAndSmart says:

WOW, they don’t even ship to anything else than UK or ireland. 🙁

Eli Loney says:

Is there a US equivalent of this? I’m looking to pick one up, but they only ship to the U.K.! 🙁

Phoenixoboros says:

Wonderful landscape you got there at your office

Juan Then says:

Looks awsome

Wiejeben says:

They unfortunately don’t shop abroad

KollegeErik_alt says:

I think you have never been sitting on a Herman Miller Aeron. Bro this is the best chair ever!

treeriders says:

Please no more 30 seconds unskipabble ads. Really made me consider unsubscribing.

Sell My Aeron says:

Nice Video
How do I adjust the chair?

Thuy Hoang says:

Looks very comfy! Where can I find this in Canada or the U.S?

Marcus says:

Hi, MrThaiBox123

I see you’ve owned an older mesh version of this chair, is the new Elastane version as comfortable as the old one? More importantly, does it get hot at all like how leather does in the summer?

nitrowad says:

That’s actually both Merryfair WAU chairs with different materials… Merryfair WAU 2 (or mark 2 as you call it) is different – for example backrest is wider at the shoulder area…

PIIKOK says:

This chair is beautiful! I wish I could buy one of these in the US in the black and white colorway. I’ve spent hours searching for a way to buy one. I did find that Scandinavian Designs actually carries this chair in-store, but it only comes in white with an orange mesh seat and a brownish/orange mesh back. SD has the Merryfair Wau for about $450 (I think I’m a bit off there).
I tried out the chair in one of their showrooms and it felt very comfortable to me. I loved the reclining feature for how the seat moves forward while the back tilts. But alas, can’t find the colorway I want. Guess I’ll stick with the IKEA MARKUS for now.

wardope says:

can’t get it in Denmark. even tho I’m ready to throw my money after one of these in a heartbeat

Seif Dine says:

myGod! what a view man, i juste forgot the chair its so nice to see..! 0:13

Ben Peckover says:

When I saw the title of the Vid I assumed it would be a comparable price point to an areon, It looks like a nice chair for 350 quid but I find it hard to believe its competing with a 1000 pound areon!

Love the vids and keep up the good work 🙂

Sid says:

There should be some cows and goats in the background.

Sache0190 says:

didn’t see a review?

John Mitchell says:

Links seem to be broken.

Sam Kibby says:

I think some of the Herman Miller chairs look better, but for the money this costs, it just can’t be beat.

DSt3alth says:

love my mark 1

Kapi Boi says:

They don’t sell it in the US 🙁

hellschatt says:

Wtf? This looks like the Merryfair Wau 2 in Europe. Is this a clone?

Ardivian says:

The best part about this chair is that it doesn’t come with instructions on how to attach the head rest lol no one has assembled one on the internet apparently.

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