The BEST Gaming Chair?! Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair Replica Review!

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Zain Shaikh says:

Tool chasing a name brand and not good quality.

Iambent says:

Hah funny, I’m looking to interior decorate a man cave dedicated to gaming, music production and other forms of art, and was looking for the perfect lounge chair with a design that would fit the other furniture I already got my eye on. Eames never lets down, this chair is on the number one spot. I need this so bad!

J F says:

Looks like SHIT….

darak abdushakir says:

more face no chair

invent this says: this is the best chair ever 1000 bucks

Kristian Brandt says:

Problem with almost all Lounge Chair replicas is that they’re too tall, which is a dead give away. The Herman Miller Lounge Chair sits extremely low, almost on the legs, which gives it its iconic look. Having said that, replicas are getting really good these days, and the more expensive replicas do come very close.

Shekhar Moona says:

Donald Draper approves this buy.

CreamOf Weber says:

Sexy as hell? You going to fuck the chair?

Dat Meme says:

Review starts at 2:06

Kid Dynamite says:

Lol a replica? Get the real thing nothing at all.

jeff Webb says:

Sorry dude! Buy a fake ROLEX buy a fake EAMES lounge and ottoman on the used market!

kuaraba says:

It’s not just the best gaming chair. It’s the best chair ever made.

MrZebramonkey says:

how tall are you?

Shekhar Moona says:

You have the money. You just don’t want to spend that type of money. I don’t blame you. I see this chair on FB marketplace for $800.

Rawa Serwan says:

The replicas are horrible compared to the official real Eames Lounge chair.

SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. That’s the best chair design by far. God bless, Proverbs 31

Dana Whitestein says:

this is numba wan booshit

Samuel Behfarshad says:


Lukas Vandeweege says:

The original ottoman has 4 legs

professor renn says:

I am thinking of buying this gaming chair I heard its one of the best at the moment.

Cameron Cox says:

How tall are u?

Stan Lee says:

FYI : this crap hcair is china made and disposable .. buy the rela thig, keep reciept: life time wareenty hand down to you grand childrens grandchildrens …. DONT BE A LIBTAD BE KNOBLE BUY QUALITY FOR GOD AND COUNTRY

Daniel Rivera says:

You know the more I look at it the more I feel like money well unspent. That thing is oogly honestly Imma fork up extra cash for the secret lab titan gaming chair.

reviewloop says:

Knock-off chair made in China ‘with real Italian leather’? Hahahahahahahaha breathe hahahahahaha… so, you paid for the chair yourself, but hope to make money from people ordering it through your link? You know your link includes the above information now too? Classic.

Stan Lee says:


jeff Webb says:

Oh dear! No Herman Miller thing on the bottom? Save that for getting rid if that hairy thing on your chin………..

skup skup Larsson says:

I have 2 of these chairs and an Ryan retvelt somethinh ond and tripe x anf i think there uncomfterbele

The Ace TroubleShooter says:

He probably single handedly killed that amazon seller’s account with this video. Lolll

YaCo YaO says:

you lost me when you said 4k oled and I think is an lg also failed right there smh. worst for games SONY 4 K BESST REFREESSHH RATE FOR GAMES PERIOD OLED LG YOU DONT EVEN GET ALL GAMA COLORS IM DONE

jeff Webb says:

It looks like a fake Rolex. Dude, you have to spend about $7000.00 for the real Eames lounge and ottoman.

Ross Atwood says:

You should refrain from calling that cheap piece of shit “Eames”.

Scan End says:

Replica is just a nice way of saying fake which is a nice way of saying theft.

kasimere edwards says:

hey man im looking for this chair. i cant find it for $500. if you could help me out it would be nice

Zeruda Densetsu says:

I finally got to sit in one of these chairs, a real one, when I was on vacation and it looks great but I hated the feel! 🙁

Manish Kothari says:

This used to be called the Best Reading chair :-)) How times change.

blumps says:

You got a chair based on how sexy it is? But you have shitty ikea lamps behind you in the video with really inexpensive curtains that were prob found at Walmart. Lol counter productive bud 😛

Klim Adjan says:

what it look like after few year of use

logmeindog says:

That is not a replica, that is a blatant knockoff…. a fake.

Nicole S says:

What sort of fucking moron pays 7 grand for a fucking chair? A dumb fucking moron thats who.

reviewloop says:

570 dollars? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… breathe…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

EDIT: 750 dollars now… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

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