The BEST Gaming Chair – GT Omega Pro Office Chair Review [5% Off Code]

My review of the GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair!
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– Alex Brooks (Marz)

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Brad Lebeau says:

dreadful review, not enough close ups of the chair and the specs. Lots of talking but most of it didnt give me information needed on a decision to purchase the chair

xCracKen32 says:

this chair cant fit in my desk D:

JJ Reibel says:

There may have been a change, but GTOmega does not use animal products in their chairs. That’s not leather you’re smelling. Check out my Twitter:

GTOmega, Vertagear, AKRacing, Need for Seat (Maxnomic), and Arozzi do not use animal products in the manufacturing of their chairs. I am not a representative, this is information they gave me.

Motherducker says:

These armrests have a bit of a TWIST

Admiralscifi says:

How tall is your desk?

Özcan Deniz says:

0:00 LOL

The Buttercream Gamer says:

the honda civic of chair

ItsYoBoyMax says:

I have a feeling that gt omega is a knock off brand of the dxracing

Guardians Creed says:


Offical Chevalier says:

You look like a alligator.

HaXing Broz says:

i wish i got one free

ItzJakbob says:

Did anyone see his monitor was flip turned at the start

toploader says:

Hi where did you get you desk from. cheers

phatbaby says:

ayyyyeee Uppermost!! thank you for using my friends music man! haha

GranyteGFX says:

Actually… U know thats the Chair sucks… Its super hard… I bought one and I don’t like the chair. I think a DxRacer is better

CraftingODST says:

Why do you look like a snail

sumaiya h says:

i said something about you, forgive me man!

yung stew says:

You look like Jacob Sartorious in his late teens/early twenties lol

Ben Hill says:

fresh fake leather…..

BigJuiceKiller says:

Is that intro song saying ohhh my dad’s a prick?

Rexx says:

Is it spring loaded?

Yo Crazy says:

I just ordered a gt omeg in blue I am onley10 tho

Mike Lisboa says:

How do you get so much money to do a setup as that…I’m really poor

CoismeCo says:

why does he look like Jacob sartorius

CHIZZ'd says:

Dxracer is the ultimate gaming chair and are overall better chairs.

TheeFreakiishlyz says:

Considering this chair as I’m currently using a a really bad wooden chair and back is suffering. I want a good gaming chair but can’t afford DXRacer/Maxnomic etc. Hopefully order myself one once I get paid at the end of the month. Should be a monster upgrade and my back should hopefull love it as the reviews for it are really good.

Thomas Akselsen says:

tha fuqs up with his hair

Diamond Playz says:

That’s crazy 13 minutes to build.

PC_Builder says:

I am getting this chair for Christmas! My chair is the only shit thing in my setup otherwise my setup costs over £2500 but my chair is worth £20 atm…cannot wait for this epic chair!

VK TechTV says:

Is it me or does the GT Omega Pro look identical to the Brazen Shadow Pro chair?  I bought the Brazen for £130, it’s currently RMA’d though.  Is the GT Omega real leather or faux?

One guy Smoking says:

I’m kind of tall (6,3) would it be comfortable?

Joshua Alvarado says:


BBA boy says:

everybody needs a chair so you can lean your head

Wolverine Logan says:

Whats the difference between that chair and the Sideman?

Liam Ritchie says:

Are there any websites where I can get a Gt Omega and/or Chroma blackwiddow x

Adil Qatine says:

thanks boss ..hhh i will order one

Jonas Nielsen says:

Something is wrong with ur hair ;)))

Chalkey Gaming says:

Lol he is using a watch to unbox it

Zanderlav says:

its not real leather

Sean Whelan says:

lmao i never realised how much better alex got in videos until now

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