The Best Gaming Chair For Your Money!!!


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Ning is Peace says:

get sponsored much lol

Elton says:

why is it a knife on the desk??

Emojidevil VL&G&MORE says:

This Channel went pretty quick to castle clash to life story’s about his chair.

Anthony says:

I’m blind

Oppsy Jaffa says:

I don’t think there’s a real dinosaur in there..

Pontus says:

Green chair is ugly af.

Fiskeben says:

like you would know how much a dinosaur weighs, pff

TheHDReleaser says:

“Alpha-Male”. has kiddi posters on the wall..

Fart Smucker says:

lots of swearing which isn’t even used for good comedic purposes, looks like a doofus, name checks out. Douche bag city.

Metro3ds 2 says:

Wow this chair is so comfortable and… Its super comfortable. The reason i like this chair better than the other is because….its so comfortable. Oh, also its super comfortable

Moe- omraan says:

How I can buy it

bmorefan5220 says:

Paid advertising bro. You can’t hype something before you’ve gotten a good amount of use.

Miles Wandered says:

Hahahha I loved this video. You are hilarious XD

Yorkie says:

I hate sponsored videos and that comment of looking gay because swinging feet LOL you’re an idiot!!!

kciN` says:

Why all the dislikes?

Paku Don says:

What brand is the gaming desk?

SaltyTomato says:

what is your keyboard

Fart Smucker says:

Made in china

GiantDad The Legend Never Dies says:

When you can tell that something is sponsored lmao

wmw0702 says:

No RGB? Not good enough for me…; )

Outside Hollywood says:

holy fuck you suck at making videos

Carpet Shark says:

Most I’m paying for a fucking chair is $100-$120

macabre creation says:

can i have your castle clash poster? =)

wmw0702 says:

What gaming socks are you wearing please?

Jack Michaels says:

he is funny

ArsenicLemonade says:

Channel is dead

bmorefan5220 says:

Check this guys newer videos. Almost every video is the orange chair. Never heard of this guy, or watched him. Figured I’d check. All but 2 videos I saw were with him in the orange. Clearly paid advertising. “Honest opinion”.

imscottr says:

Potty mouth, smh

Zen Main says:


Josip Baricic - says:

who da fk plays castle clash?

Sketchy says:

I’m getting that green chair because I like green and it sounds like a good review

Evify says:

Why the hate this guy is fucking awesome

zyxwvutsrqponmlkh says:

This video is bad and you should feel bad.

Lucky Quinn says:

You god damn right

seifyboy2832 says:

Fuck you this is a sponsor

Alex Sanchez says:

you really bad at sponsorship looks like these paid ads from tv fake and so dramatics

Tony D says:

400 dollers for a chair get the fuck outa here

Feroz Khalili says:

I’m subed

zub zero says:

#sellout XD

m00tmike says:

Weighs more than a fucking dinosaur… The Fuckasaurass I assume?

declan mcg says:

It’s a unfair comparison because it’s sponsored

Freakiotic Bitzlecocker says:

Dude, you’re freaking hot!

TheOfteler says:

This guy have to much Money xD

Sundowner Mc says:

hmm your too small, need someone that’s 6ft 250+ to trust a review.

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