The best ergonomic chair for digital artists [HÅG Capisco review]

I have spent a long time looking for the ultimate chair for drawing tablet users such as myself. Digital Artists have different needs to many others so I created this short 5 point check list to help me find the perfect seat for my studio. Links bellow. I hope you like the HÅG Capisco as much as I do and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below & let me know what chair you’re using!





This is the 8106 model and the fabric colour is ‘Gabriel Comfort+’ 67001.

Until next time, keep on painting!

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RJ Samonte says:

Awesome review Lawrence! I had seen this chair a few years ago when I bought my standing desk, but I didn’t think much of it, especially at a retail price of $1000! After watching this vid, I checked on Craigslist, and there was one available for half the price. Did a little haggling, and now I’m sitting in this amazing chair! I think my productivity will go up ten fold, cuz I’m very fidgety and can’t stay at my desk for long periods of time.

Eleanor Taylor says:

Wow! That’s a really neat chair! A little bit out of my price range at $799 though.

Otaku Games says:

oh sweet, they’re based in norway? shiping is gonna be a breeze then! might go for one, Lawrence, if you for whatever reason decide to take a break from drawing i think you’ll do fine as a salesman x’D

Jacob Halton says:

Wow, I’ve been looking for a good chair for a while, and just stumbled onto this vid. This looks like exactly what I need, the ability to lean forward while drawing makes it perfect. I ordered the flat seat model, so my legs won’t be split on a saddle-like seat. It seems to be better for me to keep my legs together in order to sit up straight, and then flip it around for the saddle position. It was strangely hard to find this one in the states though. The “Puls” is widely available, and looks cool, but it’s vinyl and doesn’t look as comfortable to be sitting for hours and hours, as it the comic artist’s life. Thanks for posting!

Niko Nikolov says:

Just use a nail with some tape on the back of your chair.It will give you more presure and you will work better.If its a rusted one it will unlock even more performance you have hidden inside.

Adamantios Oikonomopoulos says:

Wow! This chair looks great and and seems to have all the stuff I too am looking for. The price does seem a little high but hey, if it is that good and helps with work too, then it might be worth it. I need to see if I can find any here in Greece or how to get one delivered if I go for it. Thanks for doing a review on this! Cheers!

brash mafia says:

just got mine today, am loving the hell out of it.

S. Davis says:

Nice design and all. I just can’t see where the $799 is in it though.

Magnus Snickars says:

I’ve had the HÅG Capisco at work for more than 5 years now. I’m using it together with a sit/stand desk which is a killer combo. Never had any back problems, not even after an 18 hour stretch. Great chair!

x-Ren-x says:

For those concerned about the price: you can find the HAG Capisco Puls for around £235 new – the difference is that it’s only padded where your sacrum goes and the rest is plastic. It’s the kind of chair that one might consider for an office, since it’s considerably easier to clean. It’s still expensive, but much more affordable than the 8106 (shown in this video).

I tried both for a while, as I was lucky and found a 8106 cheap on eBay, so I gave the other one to my husband (who had trouble with a DVT in the past and found that the saddle doesn’t cut into his legs like normal chairs do). He’s already finding it very beneficial for his knees.

Personally, I find the padded one slightly more comfortable, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Puls to anyone that sits a lot. The mechanism is identical on both chair and I found the ability to raise the back and move the seat forward very useful, as I’m a bit short and most chairs with a lumbar support seem to be to high for me and ended up giving me trouble. This one ends up being right in the right spot and I can adjust it throughout the day as my posture varies. I’ve had a fair bit of trouble with my knees and have found it’s slowly getting a bit better, though I still divide my day between my Intuos at the desk, and a Cintiq mounted on an easel.

I’ve previously tried a fair few chairs but I think I finally found my match. Thanks so much for the review! It was so in-depth and aimed at artists that you motivated me to give it a try and my knees are a lot less painful than they used to be already! I’m really thankful you took the time to make this video!

TotesTotsHD says:

Really liked the video. It was great just because of your general enthusiasm and excitement for the chair. Keep up the great vids

Nana the Dwarf says:

I’ve been looking for a chair like this for ages. Shame it doesn’t ship to my country.

Ruud the Diamond says:

Hey Lawrence, that chest support seems like a good feature for those working with a microscope. Takes away the strain on the lower back muscles. With today’s weather, the swimming pool is the best ergonomic solution though:)

unartifex says:

Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve been getting back aches and having trouble with space too. Price is rly high but it looks like it’s worth it. Had me convinced when you mentioned they’re available in different heights, I could use a taller one.

Highvoltage4u says:

I couldn’t agree more! I picked up like new Capisco cheap after seeing your review. Excellent review and spot on. Thanks.

Joy Doke says:

i wish i have this chair, Inc. says:

Great video. The impact of Ergonomics has been underestimated for a long time. Also, think about having the right workspace set-up. Here is a sample video of one of ICW’s products that can increase your ergonomics in your office, at work or at home.

Matias Arturo Pan Amoedo says:

So people are willing to spend a thousand bucks (or two… or three… or more) on the computer… maybe another couple hundred on the tablet (even a couple of thousands if you go for a cintiq). But hey! A 1k chair! the horror!

If you are an artist you sit most of the time. The quality of the product in which you sit should be your main priority. Even more so, if not at the same level than the hardware and software you use to work.

That´s not to say that good posture can be achieved sitting on a wooden stool. But a GOOD chair will ensure that even after hours, when your muscles start to give, you will maintain a good position.

This is directly related to your health and quality of life. you should build your workspace around your chair. Still most people just leave it as an afterthought, a gap to fill when all else is done.

TempoColaDrawsLines says:

what is the name of the desk that you use?

Lee McGuire says:

Damn you have me really wanting this chair, between this, the Canvas and the Ergotron you’re really bad for my wallet dude!
Is this the model 8126 or 8106? I wouldnt want to accidentally order the tall version, my table is a bit shorter than yours, at 62cm clearance for a chair, does the chair only go down as low as you showed in the video or you think it’ll fit?
Seems hard to get it in a colour other than black in the UK. What colour did you go for? Its lovely.

Jendy4 says:

Trying to calculate how much stuff I could sit on top of it when I’m not using it. My current cheap office chair holds at least one full basket’s worth of laundry (often referred to as the “Chairdrobe”) so I have my concerns about whether this chair would force me to do that weird adult thing called “hanging up clothes”.

David Lever says:

Hi Lawrence, what about the harmstrings? I have tight harmstrings and I am considering this chair instead of “normal” ergonomic chairs because of the different saddle, and the fact that you have support more with the butt/feet than the harmstrings. What do you think about it? thanks

Hein128 says:

Your desk and chair is way to low adjusted – how tall are you?

TheIcemanModdeler says:

That chair looks awesome, i’ve been having back and arm problems( slight pain from bad postures and bad chairs that are leaned backwards) when drawing on my intuos wacom tablet these last couple of years, the thing i am looking for in a chair is a forward tilt in the seat for leaning forward and the only chair that i found that has that is a kneeling chair.

Bloodsport1 says:

The chair cost $900 bucks. That is an issue,

Buchan Manga says:

This was a fun video to watch and nice to see an ergonomics video. I went for a gaming chair with a head rest which suits me but I love the look of your chair. I also think your personal branded baseball cap and t-shirt is a nice touch. As always, a fun video.

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