The Best Budget Office Chair: Staples Tarance Review

There are thousands of options if you are looking for an office chair. Finding one that is affordable and still quality can be extremely difficult. I took a risk and picked up the $200 Staples Tarance office chair. See my impression here.


Staples Tarance Office Chair:

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Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen says:

With all due respect, that’s the flimsiest chair I have ever seen. I like the mesh back, but the seat, the whole mechanism and the wheels frame look “thin”.

demonwares says:

I’d blind buy it because it looks stylish, but no rubberized wheels is a deal breaker. I dont want to scratch my floor and I dont want to use those ugly rubber carpets.

EDIT: Is it possible to buy rubberized wheels that will fit this chair? or are they not “standard” sized?

Verex says:

5:50 “…firm but comfortable”, heh. I see what you did there.

Nathan Trivett says:

Great review. I have a similar chair but without the headrest but does have fold away arms which I like. Can’t find the chair you’ve reviewed over here(UK). Great videos, I’m an Mini ITX fan which is how I came across your channel. Current setup in a Silverstone rvz02 case.

Steve Martino says:

Budget? I grabbed a $70 gaming chair from Amazon that does all that minus the adjustable armrests

Travis Mays says:

you’re a pretty stylish guy

olov244 says:

I wish they would pad the armrests more

isandov says:

Seems like a decent chair. I like your setup and have similar components.

ThrobbinHood says:

When the title said budget, I didn’t assume the budget would be so large. I know $200 for a computer chair, relatively speaking, isn’t exorbitant.. but it’s hardly budget.

Got mine for $89 at Office Max about 6yrs ago.. it’s time to go! 🙂

Stickerz says:

Title and description says Tarace but the chair is called Tarance..

feral kitten says:

agreed, I have the old version of this, had it for three months then we got my gf the same thing. so great for the money. I sat in all ikea chairs and all the ones at my staples and this was the best. mine is all mesh tho

Nat says:

this guy has nice arms

Kevin Echols-EL says:

Hey tek everything. Why don’t you use the s4 mini for your pc instead of the cube style one that you have on your desk? I though the s4 mini was your favorite case.

code1 gaming says:


M. Murray says:

I have one that looks and has some of the same features as this one, but I only paid $45 for it.

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