The Aeron Chair Review – Good Enough for Drake, Good Enough for Me!

By far the best computer chair for people who sit at their desk for multiple hours a day.
They are sometimes available on Amazon for $660 bucks with free shipping:

(UPDATE: unfortunately i think herman miller has since become the exclusive supplier for their own chairs on amazon)

It’s been around for over 20 years, and is awesome for anyone with a bad back or other type of sitting ailments. This is my 6 month review of the Aeron chair.

The best place to get a used one is from

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webdude20 says:

So far the best video explaining how to adjust.

B Money says:

Just brought a brand new one fully equipped. Got tired of buying cheap uncomfortable office chairs every other year for my home office. My work office uses these chairs so I already know the benefit of using them for long hours.

Achtonio says:

How tall are you and weight? Thanks! Just bought a B size and im a little concerned that it’s too small for me. Im 188 – 6,2″ ish and to the skinny side.

TheBlfan says:

Why did you like the Aeron more than the Embody chair? Looking at them both, not sure which to get…

XK Casey says:

It takes awhile to break in a chair. I have had brand new chairs that i thought were horrible. Gave it to my parents to use and they broke it in like a month or two. Then I could sit on it comfortably enough for me to want them back lol. I don’t like this chair though. The design and functionality is nice but it really isn’t as comfortable because of the mesh fabric and also the composite material can actually break if you apply enough down pressure over time. Especially around the arm rest area. It sucks that it is cheap material at an extorted price.

ketchup says:

So expensive and still no stuffing for the armrest? That is pretty bad. Maybe good in many ways, but for that price it should be standard to have stuffing for the armrest. But it do not matter since this do not exist in any near by store, and I do not gamble over internet.

born68 says:

I had this chair and started losing feeling from the hips down after a month. the dr said it was the chair. i said drake used it. he started laughing and said the guy from degrassi.

David says:

How’s the chair holding up?

Monza Music says:

Are u still using this chair?

TheDamnDevo says:

Great Video

JProductions says:

How does the seat / mesh feel when your wearing shorts? I sometimes like to sit with my legs crossed and I’m worried it’ll hurt with that kind if material.

Diego says:

About this chair, do you think the armpads are worse if they are vinyl instead of leather? I mean, is vinyl hard plastic??

JonnyCinco says:

What did you NOT like about the Embody? Between the two and can’t figure out which…unfortunately, there is no dealer close to try them out.

xex2kok says:

Great video, thank you. I’m looking at buying one of these used soon and hoping it is a chair that last me a long time.

When buying a used Aeron you can’t always trust the date under the seat. Many office liquidators refurbish the chars which can include putting a new or more likely a used seat on. Some of these chairs out there are pretty old but missing stickers.

Joffrey Abeilard says:

Very helpful review, thank you very much !

Cecelia Dawe says:

Great review. I’ve had my chair since 2002. It is very comfortable and well worth the money . I paid $599 new from Herman Miller at the time. This is about $39+ per year. Recently I noticed a tear in the webbing along the right side of the seat pan. I found a replacement for $117 (shipping included).

REELArts says:

That’s crazy, I had the exact same old chair as you and was getting quite bad knee and hip pain, especially when walking, but also while sitting. I was looking into getting an Aeron and saw your video. I’ve now had the Aeron for 4 days and the pain is pretty much gone! (still get the occasion twinge, but it feels like my body is readjusting itself). It’s definitely weird getting used to sitting in a better position, but there’s no doubt I’m getting much better support throughout my body. I used to sit with one foot up on the chair under my leg, then swap feet every hour or so, while also leaning back in the chair (putting a slight strain on my hips). I can’t do that with the Aeron, it sort of forces you to keep your feet flat on the ground, which I think is a good thing, as my old position is no doubt what was causing the pain. I’m a video editor and animator, so I spend a LOT of time sitting. I managed to get a second hand 4 year old chair in excellent condition for $650 (AU), so it still has 8 years of warranty! New price in Aus is $1,295. Best thing I’ve done for my body in years! I was going to sell my old chair, but I can’t bring myself to hand that pain on to someone else. Thanks a heap for your video!

T. Alan says:

Great review, thanks

peter rota says:

Just got this and i’ts making my back worse lol

Coughing Cactus says:

solid review thx!

Alex Grigorov says:

big thumbs up for Aeron – worked on it for 5 years+ profeshionally for more than 9 hours a day:) perfect ergonomy and rock solid overall, no back or spine pain ever – i plan to get one for my home workplace too – little to no competition against this chair, maybe the budget clone of it ergohuman:)

Eclectic Filament says:

Have the exact model as this one, best chair I have ever owned in my life!

AtracBreezy says:

I’ve been sitting in this chair with the fully loaded features like adjustable back support knob for 6 years and I just found out last year it was worth so much. Funny thing is I got it for free from my dad’s work because one of the arms broke and he took it and fixed it up now it works like new.

Helgen X says:

I don’t know about this bozo ass chair, but if you want the best chair, you get any chair from Knoll. The Chadwick specifically is one of the best chairs on the market, but almost $800. Worth it if you want to save your back.

Orelis Castanos says:

I’m about to get mine this weekend. I found a great deal used at $400. Thank you for educating me.

.::Wonder::. says:

This chair start from 1400€ in my country… feelsbadman

The Rock Hour says:

Great Video! Thanks! – Im looking at these for my studio

Nick Isburgh says:

Come by Panel Systems Unlimited in Tucker and check out some Humanscale chairs!!

David Smith says:

What size did you get? A, B or C?
I am 5’11” 190lbs and am debating getting a B or a C size chair.

ferrero rochere says:

How tall are you and weight? Thanks! Just bought a B size and im a little concerned that it’s too small for me. Im 188 – 6,2″ ish and to the skinne side.

Paul Michael Santos says:

Leap > Aeron

Art Gallagher says:


Sam B says:

are the armrests hard on your elbows? they seem to be on the softer side but it’s hard to tell

Mike K. says:

Great review, everything I wanted to know before buying. Herman MIller should pay you for this 🙂

StrugglePuff says:

What’s the manufacture date on your chair?

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