The $90 Racing/Gaming Chair [BestOffice OC-RC1] – Unboxing & Review

$90 for a gaming chair?! That’s right! I check out this amazingly affordable racing style gaming chair that looks and feels just like what you’d spend $400 on with a name brand chair. Some flaws, I’d have to admit, but if you’re looking for the support and look of a gaming chair but want to save $200-300, then this is the chair for you.

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Alec S says:

seems like this chair won’t hold up for too long 🙂
thanks for the review

DankMemeDan says:

this has more features than a 600 dollar dx racer this is amazing

Hoochi Koochi says:

asap, cut that packing foam in 2 sheets and cut them into the size of the cushion and put them under the cushion to add softness. Under the cushion is made with plaster and will break up, mine was when i got mine.

The cushion is bad and will dissolve in weeks, mine has large holes on the bottom side but cant tell on the top side but it will be weaker in the spots but i cant tell by sitting. Maybe i got a bad one with a bad mix of foam.

Alex says:

Lol cute doge at 6:00, what kind is it? Tail looks like part Shiba maybe?

Dyce Dillenga says:

hey dude the leg rest is upsidown

ItZxCrimson says:

Can anyone find me a Canadian link? because all i can find is trump links lmao

Striker MPH says:


JD says:

dog stole the show!

Anon says:

How tall are you and would you recommend this to someone over 6 feet?

Elias Svard says:

Is it leather or plastic? If its leather Iam gonna buy this chair. Really Nice video man!

Randy Haley says:

Alright, its been a month. Before I buy one I wanna ask, hows it holding up? Is the foam collapsing or anything? and how big are you? I’m 5’11” and 210, do you think it would work?

xxXVibeXxx says:

thanks mate I’m gonna subscribe

IfritMaster says:

I got one lol

AV TR says:

dat dog!

Evan Stanley says:

Is the cushion flat yet?

Kursion Xectron says:

5:27 😀

Kenia Mayorga says:

Where did you buy it i want one

HaZarD _ says:

I think the best part was the dog lol

JoJwa says:

Hey um quick question, does the chair rock back and forth? I just wanna know cause i like to rock or like fidget a little, and when im just chillin i like to lean back and all that

OmgOrange says:

Very helpful. I just ordered it

Cas Schmah says:

thank you so much man ive been looking for a cheap chair liked and subbed

Fearless_Gaming says:

great video i really enjoyed it 🙂

Deathshot_1895 says:

Did it come with Tools?

MrDarkvadou says:

How is the chair so far ? still working ? no damage or anything ?

Nightwing says:

great review, you covered pretty much everything of value, answered all my questions. i like how you commented on the fact the arm rests are not adjustable(which kinda sucks lol), but for the price, this is an absolute steal. ive seen other chairs on amazon of the same exact style & design(slight variants with the strips and color scheme but basically same exact thing) for at least $150 minimum, usually hovering around $150-200, so for $110 this is an amazing deal. PLUS the leg rest which is awesome

hue toob says:

Cool t shirt man, thanks for the vid.

Sensei Cortez says:

thanks, nice video

Husky Bro says:

Thats a big ass butter fly knife jesus

joshua creekmore says:

I’m 6/2 I weight 240 I just got the same chair about a week ago it is worth it believe me sits just as good as a dxracer

Evan Stanley says:

What did you have to do to stop your chair from wobbling?

Deathshot_1895 says:

Pulls out a butterfly nife swat team bust’s in

Jsmoothie says:

Hey man great review, how does your ass feel on it as of now? How does it feel sitting on it for a long time?

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