The 145$ Gaming Chair That Doesn’t Suck! | GT Racing Chair Review

Gt racing speed series chair review! That’s right, today we take a look at the gt racing chair speed series and see if its the best gaming chair in 2018 under 200. Cheap gaming chair but good!

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– YetiMachete

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ThisNameIsUnderConstruction says:

Youre kinda like the same as Randomfrankp.. you deserve way more recognition

Avi Vadlamani Vlogs says:

knockoff of dxracer

DENNIS 123 says:

Bro why do u not look directly into the camera it’s looks weird just saying

AroPix says:

Do you have something with you eyes or is it the camera angle? Btw i bought it and its insane 😀

mjmbk says:

Dope review yeti!!!!

Reqeez Rafiq says:


Ralph Torres says:

waht the fuck are you lookng at, you look stupid

tom underhill says:

i mean this as a compliment. you look a lot like peter quill from guardians of the galaxy.

Jackson Kelm says:


Reverticel says:

review the homall gaming chair its $90 and the same exact thing as this chair

N Yonemura says:

this chair or respawn rsp-110??

Sarocha Khochit says:

Hi, I really love the color of the chair. The site you provided don’t have the same color as your. Can you please let me know where you got it from? Please eee…

RMadrid57 says:

Promo code?

mauii says:

your color grading’s sick

Yo Yo says:

Great video. Just subbed

Alfonso Playz says:


TheTozotube says:

i know you said you already fixed it, but not looking directly at the camera symbolizes an interview, with subjective information. For anything standup related, always look at the camera

Stephen Dolzall says:

Whats the song at beginning?

quest 123 says:

I would have farted so hard on this chair to test its durability

Kush Kat says:

Good video! Informative and detailed!

YetiMacheteHD says:

Watch my new GT Racing review here!

Gus Ashcraft says:

Plz look at the camera

FOX TROT says:

Nice vid and I want to do the same color sceme as u

Eric Swansboro says:

Stop hiding the left side of your face

Riley Fenwick says:

Would you use this or a mesh chair. I live in FL so its usually hot, I don’t know if to get this or a mesh chair.

Nolan Cobb says:

What wrong with ur eye?

Anthony C says:

Finally, a review that gives the reviewers dimensions (pretty much). At 6’2 240 I was on the fence to purchase. Thanks for the vid.

SadSquidward says:

Is it REALLY worth it tho? i mean i want to buy a gaming chair but no matter how many ‘reviews’ i see like these i always end up seeing A LOT of comments under the product saying that this chair broke in 4 months of time

Mohammed Bari says:

Can you give me an update on how the chair is holding up? How is the material?

Porridge Breath says:

But can it do THIS?

J N S says:

Well my problem is that gtracing does not ship to germany

Jascker says:

Does anyone know how to get this colour

iNahDude says:

High quality production how come your at 17k subs?

Pomegranates34 says:

Where can i get THIS color shown in your video?!?! Love it but can’t seem to find that pattern/color scheme anymore. Any help Willis be appreciated 🙂

Agremen says:

Dragon war racing chair to rocks for 150$ Harm rest dont wiggle…And weel base is metal!

Kurse007 says:

Heyyy I have this chair. Does yours have tilt control? Only thing I wish I had.

Eric Moon says:

Professional AF video.

Riley Fenwick says:

I just got this chair and its amazing! Thanks so much!

SoulWolfGamer says:

I want this so bad but I’m poor. I need a new chair for like 20 dollars lol.

Xan says:

You look and talk like a fucking stroke victim

CrownBlue says:

How long was the shipping ?

Statvar says:

It’s 160 now…

BlueBerry says:

Why is he facing that way like that

Chard says:

Thanks for the informative video Yeti.
Sharing this here, this site is giving away this chair, unfortunately I’m posting it close to the end

alexforce22 says:

Is it possible to change the base of the chair with a 3rd party aluminium base for the chair????

Jax Acer says:

I just got mine today and absolutely love it

Snicer Doodle says:

Your eyes looked like your mother dropped you.

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