Steelcase Gesture and Leap V2 Office Chairs – First Impressions on $1000 ergonomic task chair

The Steelcase Gesture and Leap office chairs are some of the most recommended ergonomic computer chairs at the $1000 price point. I tested them both out for a couple hours and here are my first impressions.

I tested these chairs for a couple hours at a nearby POI Business Interiors You need to book an appointment before going to their showroom.

But you can also find more information on these chairs from Amazon and directly from the Steelcase website:

Steelcase Gesture (Amazon US)

Steelcase Leap V2 (Amazon US)


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MrZiemwit says:

1000$ is just to much when there are some good alternatives for 300-400$


Mirko Cukich says:

Thank you for testing out these two chairs. So how did you feel after a few hours of being in them? Also, when testing did you have a chance to sit for a while in either and work on your laptop ?

UpperRobin29 says:

When you do chair reviews, you should test the wheels and how well they roll.

xuno101 says:

I’ve been using the Gesture for over a year now and I am very happy with it.
I do understand that it is quite an expensive chair but if you’re working in front of a computer all day long, consider it to be more of a work tool.
A chair like this will last you much longer than a cheap one, which actually makes it less expensive that the price tag might suggest.

Tommy Tran says:

more chair reviews!!! they’re awesome

LeBeautiful says:

I want one…badly

Moe Zuiter says:

HiGH quality.

D dabdab0132 says:

These chairs look good but are not very adjustable. Lack backrest height, and backrest tilt. The PT78 has these and costs half.

Mani Norbit says:

Just looks like cheap plastic everywhere with clever design features, is it really worth $1000.

Sean Harding says:

Did you have any opinion on the various upholstery options? At least online, it looks like the Leap offers both “Buzz2” and “Cogent: Connect” fabric options, while the Gesture only offers Cogent: Connect (I’m not considering leather because I get too hot).

Gineton Alencar II says:

What shoes are you wearing in this video? They look comfortable and fairly minimalist.

Car Cam Central says:

Great content! I was thinking of trying out both chairs. I wonder if more companies are using a universal design as they know most people won’t touch adjustments. Don’t know how well it works for “enthusiasts” but for everyone else – might be a win.

TheIsolatedPhoenix says:

I would give up an arm or a leg for that Leap Q_Q

frozenwalkway says:

could you review a capisco chair thanks for the vids

Shi Shisa says:

I know, you may don’t like gaming chair. But I want see you test it, and listen your opinion.

obvious_humor says:

I will never understand paying more than $200-300 for a chair. And I mean a really good chair, like an executive chair rated for 6+ hours that I bought for $179 on clearance and still use 10+ years later.

Frankie Repalda says:

nice chairs..if do visit Hawaii you can also be barefoot too lol when I get to show you around

A. L says:

Try the Autonomous Ergochair

eneko says:

I’ve own a Gesture for a year and a half now and its amazing. Really confortable, the arms are great, and the built quality is awesome.

Thodoris Psathas says:

Awesome review! We want for sure more! Also David check the Think chair from Steelcase. It’s a great chair and also cheaper!

ReviewTechAFRICA says:

We have the Think in our lab, which is a great chair. After seeing this video I thought Leap looked like just an upgraded Think. I went to a liquidator and sat on a Leap, definitely more comfy than the Think. Even though the liquidator was selling Leaps for $250 I bought it new from an authorized dealer. I’d rather have the warranty and assurance that everything is authentic (not refurbished with shitty upholstery/casters). tl;dr thanks for the great review.

GameBrosTMT says:

have you seen the teknion contessa? quite a bit more expensive than these but you should check it out


your editing and voice awesome

Johan Snitt says:

Sitting in a Gesture right now. Very happy with it, far superior to the Ikea chairs I’ve owned the past.

Blake M. says:

Hi David, was wondering about the padded, upholstered looking armrests on the leather Gesture in the video. They look much softer than the typical armrests. I don’t seem to see that upgrade option on the Gesture.

kittygomew says:

could you review okamura contessa chair?

Sucrose says:

looks like an amazing chair, but the price is almost as much as my rent.

jordan Zimmerman says:

Herman miller makes better looking chairs and is an overall better brand

fpsintelligence says:

Remember kids; buy second hand chairs.

nitesh neela says:

i’m from toronto too . il probably go check them out . can you do more chair reviews ? probably like best under 200 / 500 /1000 kinda video 😀

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