Ozzy Man Reviews: Man vs Chair

Me commentary on the epic work place battle of Man vs Chair.

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Source vid here. 5 minute fight in total:

Fair Dealing – satire, parody, commentary, review


FourG63 says:

i’m familiar with this mode of failure. it’s the result of 1 to many furious ‘bate sesses

Razid says:


delux supreme says:

My life is boring sometimes but it changes after I watch Ozzy man reviews

Cloud N9ne says:

Little do we know he found his wife with another man chair the day before.

Михаил П says:

But can you do thiiiis?!

Coolmaster X says:

The chair was the trigger. This behavior is not about the chair.

ZeroMethod2Madness says:

When a crew chief tries to be a nonner for a day.

Bull says:

ha awesome

Janice Spyby says:


euan noble says:

Scuffed Chair


lmao if this is real that guy has some issues

Qibs says:

Bruh my heart hurts!

Brota Jkay says:

This is basicly how My work day goes Every day ………….

L Robinson says:

What is the song at the end called?

Monsieur Flapjack says:

”But can you do this?”

Savage duck 22 says:

I f****** quit

JustAGuy says:

lol What a crybaby little bitch of a ‘man’.

mr biscuits says:

Thats not a chair. Its the last peice of straw

peace for all says:

Anger …is our worst enemy …..

I Rock says:

Lmfao he’s yelling die mutha fukka

cerealkiller says:

Hope that poor chair sues the shit out of the monster.

Vrock says:

Chair lives matter

Ryan Wood says:

Went to see Star Wars and heard your voice in the Cinema ads.

curt hayes says:

he’s gonna feel like such a winner when he has to clean all that crap up haha. this is why an important part of being a man is self control, 10 seconds of letting your temper get out of hand and you can have some serious shit to deal with later, this is pretty mild all things considered haha.

Edward Dean says:

‘He’s sick of deadlines.’

Josh F says:

I though W2S was bad

MemeBot TV says:

anger issues much

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