Office Master OM5 Chair from ErgoDirect

The Office Master OM5 is our first foray into a more “classic” variety of office chair. How does it stack up against the “gaming” chairs we’ve seen in the past?

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Trojan Blazefyre says:

when the seat slides forward as you recline, some support is taken away from the lower back…. this is not ergonomic tbh. great for manning fap stations tho :DDD

drunksaru says:

Why do wives take everything? My wife took my chair, my desk, my computer, my monitors, …….

Trojan Blazefyre says:

How much burger can this chair hold?

SWEmanque says:

Kinnarps… no other chair can beat them. They will last you a life time and are very good for your body. Cost a lot though.

Joakim Sveen Flåtten says:

still waiting on the akracing

Only Music says:

What? 250$ just for a chair? I can buy a car in 250$

Baron Begier says:

–When your chair costs more than your computer–

Vatablous Devil says:

I have a cheap ‘racing’ chair from the local office store. I’m constantly slouching in it to rest my head because there is no adjustable headrest ;(

Tiger800 XCx says:

Fuck you, and fuck your channel Linus. I’ve blocked you but your stupid videos keep showing up.

KaptainKov says:

I’m currently sitting on a 10Yr+ office chair I got for free from a place that was replacing it, dammit.

Mladen Marinkovic says:

More office chairs!

doluseb says:

Why does every chair suck ass yet cost as much as a nice monitor?

Claude Barreto says:

After long months of research I watched your review of this chair again and with a pained look at my wallet I hunkered down and bought an OM5 Exec. BTW, the chair also has a seat length adjustment you didn’t mentioned and a headrest for the exec model.

Semipro Hey says:

the revision of old reviews saved me a lot of time and from wondering if there is any other videos i haven’t watched

Jeroen Jager says:

Good chairs are so expencive! I want to invest this money into my system but my back is killing me.

Mustard Tiger says:

anybody have any insight on why my wrists start to hurt after some time on the pc? is it a chair thing or maybe my desk?

Dankest Memelord says:

When you realize that your twelve years old, and taller than Linus

goxcpre says:

Honestly I think the Steelcase Leap still destroys this. If you need mesh the Herman Miller does better as well.

dpcdpc11 says:

Nice review Linus! These chairs are unreasonably expensives. I’ve got a couple of Steelcase Please V2 chairs at my office which I bought from a used chair online shop based in the UK, at a quarter of the price of a new chair and it was worth it. Nut buying them as new chairs the price can get as high as $1200 which is crazy for a chair. Same goes for Herman Miller chairs.

Gargie396 says:

Linus you should do that 1000+ dollar Steelcase chair.

GamerGoneWild says:

oh no, I’m about 5 foot 4 and way 100 pounds. Illuminati Confirmed.

Juan Castillo says:

Thanks linus tech tips!

PickolZ HD says:

Who comes to Linus’s videos just to watch his intro

AMADEUZ Connected says:

do some squats you pancake butt mofos

Matthew Kinney says:

I’m taller than Linus lol

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