Office Gaming Chair – Ikea Markus

~Hey guys,

I recently bought the Markus chair from Ikea and I’ll be using it as my Office/Gaming chair. This is just your typical average chair if you’re on a budget. I hope you’ll enjoy this video.

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mydoxxx says:

nicely done brothaaa

AdkiN says:

Hey dude if had this chair for quite awhile now, but i don’t know if mine is broken or something, but when i got to sit back it moves a little bit and makes a noises, even when locked so i dont know if thats a problem with mine or its just what the chairs like.

PandalGaming says:

Would the leather chair be a bad choice if I’m in it mainly all day? I have a leather chair one now and it tends to cause a lot more sweat irritation and itching

Marcin Sadowski says:

Really good quality, and the video is well prepared. You sound like you know what you’re saying, and that’s important. Keep it up! You have also changed my mind about buying a gaming chair, I have sen it in IKEA before but it seemed too office like, but now I think it’ll suit my set up just fine. Thanks 🙂

Steve Chung says:

Nice editing

Black Lives Matter says:

You forgot the: “Can I put a girl on my lap?” – test

Julian says:

sitting in one now =)

Tamer Alaca says:

baboli 10 numara olmus video ellerin dert gormesin

Sepp says:


KrzF CzK says:

Thanks for the review. Can you write your height? Thx

DiP -//- says:

what is your height?

A Templar says:

This is a fantastic review, how do you only have 8 subscribers? it’s what i would expect to see from a channel with 20k+ great fuckin job dude, also a question man. I’m 6″3, you think this chair will be suitable for me? As really looking to find a chair which has a head rest which doesent sit on my shoulder blades haha!

Dennis Higgins says:

Thanks for showing how the chair reclines. That’s the biggest deal for me. Most all the chairs out there pivot from the middle when reclining which throws your legs up. This one is a lot smarter. Getting a Markus….

Brandoninsta says:

Great vid really deserves more subs

BasicCoverMan says:

2:21 It’s funny because literally everyone building this chair does the same thing, slotting the metal from the back rest under the screw holes on the base then looks again at the instructions and realises it goes the other way round.

madjid dz says:

hey man, great video! just a question plz.. I live in a hot area.. Doyou think a leather seat would cause me a problem like itching or something? thank a lot

J Lee says:

Thank you! Your video was very helpful.

TheWaywardman says:

hi! what’s your mousepad?

AthaneziaTz Greek says:

It leans back which makes me think that the back isnt stable and supportive .What about the price ?

Donald Anderson says:

Nice job man, about to get one myself.

Syamilsynz says:

thanks for the review man. Already buy it and really satisfied. 🙂

mIKULAK A says:

Absolutely stunning editing job. Awesome review. You deserve more subs! 😀

Scorpiiious says:

Subscribed and liked! You deserve way more subscribers! :O

Thanks for sharing this video *thumbs up* Great review! Keep it up 🙂

Fabian3K says:

Hey man, people are right!
You focus on the quality of your content, no matter your sub count.
Respect man. Respect.

Rom i says:

Hey you don’t have neck/shoulders/arms pain because I see you play with hands “in the air” not supported by armrests ? Also what is your desk height?

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