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I cannot express how much I love this chair!!!! I have been complaining about my chair for years and I finally did something about it!!! Thanks for watching! Buck


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Gungrave123 says:

150$ chair performs worse than 1100 $ chair? Who would suspect..

Trisha Costello says:

hahaha i love buck!!:D finding a chair is serious business!!!

alex adams says:

I bought a office chair for 200$ and people think im  crazy

Nba Season says:

3:23 holy mother of the seven hells, the chair goes UP and DOWN, holy shit i’m sold!

VideoJay says:

Who knew an office chair review could be so entertaining ! You’re wasted in whatever job you’re doing Michael  !

biancoverde13 says:

1100 fuckin dollars? damn

Alex says:

you realize that there is a knob of the bottom of each office chair which you can change how hard you need to push for it to go back….. should have thought of that first

LIF Cloud says:

your voice is annoying. slow the fuck down

Tom VDJ says:

My Markus chair is great when you put the back in the right stand and lock it. No way I’m going to pay +1000 bucks for an office chair. We have super-expensive chairs at my workplace, but they are not more comfortable than my Markus chair at home. I guess it all depends on the shape / curve of your spine?

Voss2120 says:

I just bought the IKEA Markus, and I wanted to see other peoples opinions. I bought it after using a expensive leather cushion chair for 5 years. The leather chair was comfortable, but it hurt my back inside it was all pillow and no back support. Plus since it had no mesh back, my back would get sweaty. The IKEA Markus fit me perfectly, has lumbar support, high back, padded head rest, and if you get it fabric it’s $30 cheaper at $169. I so far find it a huge improvement over my leather executive chair. My only grip is the non-padded non-adjustable arm rests.

Sumtinnice says:

this chair costs so much and doesn’t even have neck support?? waste of money

mpxz999 says:

Thanks for the review!
The passion in your way of speaking really makes me feel like I’m hearing a humans opinion, which can be unusual in a YouTube filled with salesmen.

I’ll be looking into picking up one of these used very soon!

Phil K says:

Just bought it off eBay for £160. Couldn’t afford an Aeron.
Are you trying to get as many words in per minute, Michael ?
Cheers though mate. This is one of the reasons I bought a Think chair

microzett says:

So you’re telling us that a 1000$ ergonomic chair is actually comfortable. WOW big news for us.

ComandanteJ says:

You must have a wird body LOL, the Markus is an awesome chair, lot’s of people are in love with theirs. And you can spend a little more and get a Volmar wich is basically 700$ cheaper version of that chair. I know this is from 2012, but i dont think the “chair scene” (if that’s a thing) has changed much.

UpperRobin29 says:

u gay?

V_120 says:


Wolverine Logan says:

Wow this chair still same price and its way to expensive

EmprorShotz says:

How fucking gay is this guy? Bye I’m out…

Embracing Time says:


MjoesikInDeHouws says:

Calling a chair cute? Lmfao

binky777 says:

dude calm down

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:


Nazleen Muslim says:

I got that chair for 112$

crusty porksword says:

sad prick

sylvainr0 says:

Too much words ?

Cruzboy says:

cocaine is a helluva drug!

Caleb Sampson says:

Holy fast-talking Batman!

michael smith says:

have you ever thought that you are too tiny for marcus? 🙂 my arms and my back is EXACTLY where it needs to be.. i am 1.88m tall however.. looking at you you are around 1.70something?

nrak'ytara says:

The red chair ( Ikea Markus ) is a really good chair. Good back support and everything well whatever floats ur boat 😛

Virtuosyc says:

are you gay?

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