Need For Seat Maxnomic Dominator Gaming & Office Chair

Gaming chairs are a DIFFICULT thing to shop for. Let’s see if we can make things a little easier!

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Anthony Mendez says:
review this chair please. Is it worth the cost?

King-s says:

is it canadien dollars? reply quick pls

Nixeus 404 says:

Too bad I can’t really afford one of those gaming chairs as a student since I’m still not eligible for a part time job here. I think i’ll just attach an office chair base to a car seat.

DerParadonym says:

Wanted to watch the video again – clicked the timeline in the beginning – landed at the beginning of the advert – life is hard…

Hayley Jeffs says:

please review all the chairs! I think buying chairs for long sessions at the computer is super stressful.

Jarren Ong says:

buy secret lab chair

A Nut says:

“gaming” chairs are uncomfortable

UberHaxor Nover says:

Love how they tried to make Linus look taller

Echtvergoldet says:

@Linus how are the chairs doing after all this time? Any wear and tear?

King Theorem says:

if i buy a casual sport version with a weight limit of 170 & i weight 220 am i going to break it

Stuart 83000 says:

I am using on of those cheap ‘lifetime’ folding chairs but I have high-quality everything in my setup. -_-

Nofxthepirate says:

I just bought one of these and those “unusable” forward tilt positions actually became crucial for me because I bought the XL version and I couldn’t get it through my bedroom door after assembling it in the family room.

Crimson says:

3:16 tryna suck your own dick…

Paddy Mackenzie says:

Can you review ak racing player gaming chair

Reokkuring says:

You don’t need a sex chair your a pic gaming virgin

Error Team says:

Worst chair in the market.only lasted a year .dont get fooled.!!!Nazi company also. nuff said.

Captain_Coleslaw says:

Why is it all the premium chairs have “leather” all over, instead of having breathable spots with holed cloth or sports cloth

M1necraftfan xxx says:

my chair is a 2009 office master which is all black, no leather

Craftman2917 says:

My Maxnomic Thunderbolt chair makes weird popping and clicking noises when I do things such as going from not leaning in the chair to leaning in the chair, leaning back in the chair, getting out of the chair, and even putting my weight on just one side of the chair, like resting my head on top of my hand which is on a armrest. Does anyone else experience this problem?

honeybobo i have a large cocko says:

are you gay ?

Pelon 1071 says:

Any chair can be a sex chair if you put your heart into it.

RaterisimoCBA says:

NOT a SEX chair ? Well fuck this, I´m out (!).

Jack Ormond says:

Thanks for making me want a chair that ill never get

kreambo1235 says:

press 0 repeatedly to see Linus mumbling endlessly

Yonrin says:

What 100$ chair does he use at work?

Sammy Plays says:

I’ve bought this chair, and boy… I’am typing this so confortably.
Thx for the review Linus, it really helped me out! Greetz from Belgium

YZGamer68 says:

+LinusTechTips I wish there was a place so I could try it out befor buying it

Christopher Fonseca says:

Is this chair good for someone tall? I’m 6’7 and I’m looking for a good gaming chair.

Mikke™ says:

how tall is linus?

Brandon Workman says:

I know this was posted around 2 years ago but how is the chair holding up? Also, how did you justify Maxnomic’s 2 year warranty vs. DXRacer’s 2 year / Lifetime Frame Warranty?

You’re the man by the way, any time I’m trying to make a decision on something or just want to generally expand my tech knowledge your videos are my go to.

Ish The Face says:

I want a chair where you’re sort of kneeling with a straight back keeping your hips straight and your quads stretched so you don’t get bad posture by prolonged use.

Darkpharoh says:

Linus has no ass how is it going to sleep lol.

Cosmin Buta says:

guys, i`ve done the one thing that i should have. i pulled the backrest lever before setting the chair up. any ideeas on what i should do?

Killian Defaoite says:

“Gaming” chairs? WTF?

Mustard Tiger says:

anybody have any insight on why my wrists start to hurt after some time on the pc? is it a chair thing or maybe my desk?

sniperlif3 says:

What is the size of the shipping box, roughly?

Restless says:

i dont get the extreme price tags of some of these chairs, its just plain silly.

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