Little compilation of office shenanigans in the last two weeks… Dmitry’s been busy! In this episode, you get a glimpse on how videos are produced 🙂 Enjoy!
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Dinar Gindulin says:

Why do you say that this racing chair is no good for office work? Is there any difference in how you sit when you work or when you game?

Pure_Cancer_here says:

Yay no more butt sweat :p

Sir lolallot says:

Gaming chairs..
Dumbest thing ever.

LaSombra CS:GO says:

Get a Herman Miller just to compare

SpicyWaffles says:

I really like these vlogs. I hope to see some from Eber too!

Kevan Morin says:

Great BTS vid Dmitry. Love what you do.

FR5G says:

They are not ikea

Ali Baba says:

I wanna buy a secondhand pc i7 4770k, 8GB ddr3 RAM, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD and 18inch monitor for 500€/550USD. Is this pc worth the money? I´ll use it for video editing and later when I buy video card for gaming

cocplayer says:

Do you get the memory foam headrest when you order the chair?

SkillsToni says:

why was the racer chair not suitable for long editing sessions

Penterax says:

That chair is beautiful! Except the arms. I swear 98% of the arms on office chairs are made by the same company regardless of how much you spend – and they’re terrible in function and appearance. In my opinion. I think mesh is the way to go and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve never been tempted to buy one of the “racing” chairs.

Are you going to do a review of the chair after you’ve used it for awhile?

Redbeard Y says:

I thought this was about a new chair…?

Paul-Sebastian Manole says:

At last one sponsor message that I don’t mind hearing over and over again with each video. That case is awesome!

MoDRun says:

i got a non retail box aswell

TAG says:

Duuuuuuude go by a decent box cutter! You’re hurting your poor scissors :((

Barista Drifter says:

I’ve been looking forward to you getting that chair!! the first time you reviewed it, I was keeeeeen as!
next year for me though 😀

SpicyWaffles says:

hey Dimitry! Could you review the Arctis line-up from SteelSeries? The are supposed to have good drivers and the best mic in headsets. I’m more interested in the Arctis 5, but a review of any of them would be cool.

Ricky Riccardo says:

I love your videos, you do amazing work!

Marwan Kuncoro says:

no head rest?

Eugenius bbbjjmki says:

that looks pretty nice

Free ManCutlass says:

Hey hardwarecanucks, when are you going to review your sennheiser gsp 300?

alittleolder says:

I don’t know if I can convince myself to buy a chair that expensive… although there are a bunch of good points that seem to demand this price.

Beniamin Szwaczka says:

What are those fans placed to your top radiator AIO?

ngstigator says:

no link to the chair in description?

fardin ahmadi says:

clean up your room man

Dan says:

Love it :p

Delta_Ace says:

my feedback would be for you not to overuse the whole beep when transitioning from clip to clip due to it leading to head disorientation to the viewer , everything else is pretty damn good considering your time constraint.

CoreGamers says:

OMG suddenly his mouse changed!!! look at around 6:25

Forever Trill says:

Thousands of dollars worth of gear, cuts open a box with scissors. Get a knife, Dmitry.

Gregory Kovacs says:

Pretty interesting video imo…. so many choices on the market for everything now! heh

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