My New ‘Gaming’ Chair – The Ebay ‘Korean Office’ $120 AUD Special

Black Ebay Chair here (Australia) –
Green Version –

Similar Chair in the USA (though more expensive) –

UK Chair Combo –

With all the rave going for racing gaming chairs, I thought I would do something different and get a special Tech City deal hunter pick chair off ebay, and here we have the ‘korean ergonomic office chair’ that was going for $120 AUD with shipping included to your door. The chair was honestly a breath of fresh air, was really good to see something this cheap be this comfortable. Recommended!

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OctoMan PC's says:

@1:05 Now that’s a knife”!

Quang Vinh Nguyễn says:

I like this chair , I want it xD

Cptmarko says:

i have a $120 “gaming chair” from office works it isn’t the best as it doesn’t have back tilt instead the entire seat moves when you lean back. i do need a new chair so cheers mate getting on eBay now

you should review the mouse i’m using it was $17 from eBay i am loving it, it does feel cheap but it also works like a charm
it’s the ZELOTES T-90 8 Key 9200 DPI Wired USB Optical Pro Gaming Mouse 13 Light Mode

whails says:

Damn $150 now – -“

Jim says:

Hey is there anyway i can get this chair to the United States.

charlie brownau says:

Gday Awesome find , shame about the weight limit. I am 105kg but my aim in Dec 2017 is down to 75kg

waderedsox says:

a pile of crap that makes my back cry……….

FatheredPuma81 says:

Slightly embarrassed but i’m using this chair we found on the side of the road from at our police station.
It leans way too far back for me to sit and game in it, the board that goes through the back is pretty much broken in a few places so it leans even farther back, and the arm rest which keeps the back up ripped so the screw came out and the back went flying back so we had to run gorilla tape around it a few times and same for the bottom for I think the same reason to get it to stay together and usable.

Planning on buying a new chair next week but I think this is the only chair that can handle my abuse of putting my feet on my bed and putting pretty much all my weight on the back of my chair.

Retz says:

I might get this chair, right now I’m just using a normal office chair and whilst it’s not uncomfortable it could definitely be way more comfortable.

Ruins says:

just got this chair today, pretty nice, only negative is the seat is slightly lower than I would like.

Getto Angle says:

feels bad when im 6’6 and 230 it looks like a good chair. if anyone has any other good options i would love a link. cheaper end like this would be amazing. my 130$ ikea chairs last me about a year and that has gotten a little silly

Riggy says:

5’10 210lbs should I go for it? I feel weird with being right at the limit

David Mieles says:

Damn! I really want this thing but I’m in the US…and I’m not paying $220…

goi genius says:

ya looking big bryan. delts are popping out

Alvin Tan says:

Hey, how has the chair held up thus far? Been wanting to replace my officeworks chair for some time now.

Jaymate says:

51 sold. All from Aussie viewers

Gru says:

If anyone is interested its currently $111 on Ebay using the Code CUTE

MegaJORB says:

Just bought one! Just a point where you get sick of the squeak of the old one.

STIHLths says:

The Boss office B991-CP. Not recommended squeeky as all get out, and I’m not wide enough for it my arms are awkwardly reaching for the arm rest. I’m 6’3″ and 250 and this thing is too big for me!

V_Kryptic says:

i went to office works and they had a racing chair for 120
it was so comfortable

Neo says:


Sora CH says:

im using a plastic chair for almost 3 years now 😀

Izimujack says:

i got an ebay executive chair with some chrissy money

David Leeal says:

just got my green one in the mail so good no more numb ass

Lukiel666 says:

Your reviews are great for anyone in Canada as the $Aus. is almost exactly on par so your prices are our prices.
I am using a $15 second hand store computer chair because we have a cat and he uses computer chairs as scratching posts. Since a good new scratching post is about $15 too and he only scratches the back I can live with that. Lasted five years so far np. It’s really very comfortable and I would have spent $15 a year on scratching posts otherwise.

Abul Quamer says:

I got mine today 😀 !! you were so right Brian, very happy with the chair.

brandon pak says:

As I myself a Korean, you may find 24/7 internet cafes all over the places in Korea and Korean players are famous for e-sports. Which means they surly know how to make chairs right for guys like you. chairs are also durable for 24/7, hands down.

NitrousX Productions says:

Mate I agree with your purchase, I was looking at purchasing a gaming chair. But non of them are ergonomic they made solely to lean back in not very good for typical work use when you need to sit straight with eye level posture. So when I made my purchase I bought the ergo human chair second hand for £200 brand new £550-£600. Similar build quality to yours that its mesh aluminium frame with height, seat, lumbar support, headrest support and recline levers. I would say to anyone who’s buying a new chair don’t buy the gaming chairs they are not very supportive and they lack ergonomic features to support your back over a long period of time.

mackan072 says:

I’m using an RH Logic 400
I bought it used a few days ago for about 200 Euro and it’s amazing.
I would never have payed the full retail price, but for 200 Euro, it’s unbeatable.

Eww Shiney says:

I have heavy upper body and usually break chairs with those flimsy plastic arm rest. Now I use metal or wood arm rest chairs. Unfortunately its the only way for me.

Takawaka says:

7 months later, any issues at all? im looking to pull the trigger on one due to my office chair snapping a few days back. please reply

nayger says:

wow i wish i watched this before i dropped 350 on an ikea markus swivel chair! 🙁
keep up the videos regardless, loving it 😀

Lapocabo4444 says:

#in 2011 i had 1 big office expensive chair Never last over my simple iron chair 10eur cost, today i still using those chair on my two setup, if i had to buy racing chair i will using them in second place because they are fragile and very expensive cost and i will preserv them as longer as possible,

scorpian007 says:

Just picked up one of these and set it up today. Really good! Beats the shit out of my last chair which cost over $250 from Office Works. Really into how well the backrest hugs your back and how flexible it is.

dunha100a says:

Too bad that they don’t ship those to Brazil.

marc walker says:

Great review, I just bought an all mesh chair for £140. Just subbed too

Gaming With Matt says:

PLEASE REPLY. how is the chair now. becuase i want to order one

legoman says:

i found a 200$ chair in the back of stapols dumster

Maxthememer says:

This can ship to new zealand right? and for cheap

Ta On says:

How does it hold up ?

Doug Swink says:

I have some industrial office chair works really nice. no need for some overpylriced DXRacer or something

newport5504 says:

mate buy some aussie products, im so sick of people in australia buying chinese, korean products.

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