Master of Ergonomic Comfort – NeueChair Computer/Office Chair Review

NeueChair by Neue Comprehensive Review – Best Computer/Office Chair?
This is quite a different chair from SecretLab, do you think that the NeueChair competes well with the other luxury office chairs? Show the video some LOVE and comment below! 🙂

SecretLab Omega Chair Review:

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Eva Wang says:

It’s such a beautiful chair!!

YetiMacheteHD says:

That thing looks solid!

alter3go says:

So this chair is basically the vertagear 350 triigger. The frame is similar but better looking on the neuechair. Have tried to fit the headrest of the vertagear on your neuechair?

Jason Lenny says:

I went staples gaming chair. I must say, that Neue chair is dead sexy. Staples works good, not super sexy. Hmmm.

T Lee says:

chair with no neck support = bad for long term.

first timer to your channel. great video. have you ever reviewed a herman miller chair? give it a try if you haven’t. their chair comes fully assembled at the door, and goes back (if you don’t like it) free of charge. one of the greatest customer services i’ve experienced.

prolificbreed says:

Good review brother..Shots of you in front of the camera are kinda dark

Gregster86 says:

Brother….sick editing….And i want chair lol

BenQ says:

how’s about head rest for this chair it’s available for this chair as well ?

Mark Spurrell says:

Hey Mike! Found your videos after searching for some Secretlab reviews. You’re killing it on camera, keep it up! Let me know if you want to collab some time.

Daryl gonzalez says:

Where did you get that stand on the right of your desk?or the name ?

I_ am_ BLuR says:

That chair is sexy. Loved the durability test with 90lb Mike, lol. Thanks for the review, Handsome! BTW, when do we get to meet your lovely wife to be?

Doto Siao says:

Hey mike, great review of this chair been searching for this chair for awhile and chance upon you as the first guy to review it. Would you rather get this or the herman miller aeron? What’s the warrent like for this chair?

Yuzo Yoshino says:

This is copy chair

Ace Wolf says:

Your videos are really amazing you deserve more subs man

Drew B says:

Mike u have helped my day to day and travel life so much, thanks

Gavin Heng says:

Great video and thanks for putting this together , really enjoyed it ! I’ve ordered this chair last week and just received it today after watching your review !

Simply Myla K. says:

Doesn’t need chair.
Watches entire video anyway!
But your intros / jump cuts are life!

Wah Wat says:

Very good

Auto9 says:

I bought this chair about a month ago. No regrets. Your body will definitely have to get used to it. Once it does its incredible. They just dropped the price down to $500. Sucks as I paid $550 but oh well.

Claudio Andrei says:

I use an rhlogic 400. Super nice chair

Yuri Wankov says:

I’ve had mine for 5 weeks now, first week it was not comfortable at all, but after that it became amazing

Statistically Challenged says:

Love your production quality man. Subbed, ty for the review.

Nick says:

So I take it there is no way to lock the armrests from shifting inwards/outwards? I can see myself shifting around in my chair, or walk by and accidentally bump the armrest causing it to move around. I hope there’s a way to lock it as this sounds very annoying to deal with.

Greg says:

Do you use this chair as your main? Just wondering if you still use the Omega :). Great vid, subbed and liked

Ivan Gavran says:

I can personally say that chair is awesome, not cheap but not too expensive it is worth the money (so far, we’ll see long term.) . Mike, may i know whats that huge leather pad on your table? Can you give us a link or something would be nice. Look awesome! Cheers

RoyBoyPoly says:

Dope dope dope… im in the market for a new chair too lol

Epik Sauce says:

Finally a decent review for this chair, I’ve being eye balling this chair since it was announced. Thanks!

Francesco says:

As far I see, no tilt forward, no 3d armrest regulation, but nice materials. Still prefer the ergochair 2

Clair Lam says:

Ugh!! Those chair arm adjusters!!!

Louis Luzuka says:

beautiful chair !!!

I Am Shazzam says:

Many many functions of this are just like Vertgear trigger…

Roky King says:

Quality content. Sub’d. Keep it up!

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