LexMod Focus Edge Desk Chair – Best Affordable Office Chair! Product Review Demo

View the chair & all color/fabric options on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004MTO2JA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B004MTO2JA&linkCode=as2&tag=hollywoodfrod-20

To me, the best office chair for the money! I’ve had it for over 3 years and still love it! And it’s fairly affordable compared to high priced office chairs. Very comfortable too. The seat still provides plenty of cushion after all this time.

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mohamed badr elwardi says:

Be sure to read Lexmod review on my blog before you buy. Please go to *tonyreviews. com/lexmod-review/* Thanks, Berke.

Eddie Walton says:

I wish you would have shown us how far back the tilt goes. I can’t seem to find out anywhere if it’s a half-tilt (fake tilt) or if tilts way back.

Suhas A says:

hollywoodfrodo, this is a great review !!
1 qn: I somehow feel that the cushion feels soft and prone to wear n tear..I dont like that cushion feel.
Would you prefer a mesh seat instead ? Any suggestions ????

James Barnett says:


hollywoodfrodo says:

@Austin Pilgrim – yep, this is a great on for the $. I’m sitting in it right now responding to comments. 🙂

Bailey C says:

Just ordered this based on your review because I bought a cheapo $40 mesh chair with lumbar support when I built my new PC and I’ve regretted it since then because it’s completely broken now. I hope this one is as comfortable and durable for me as you have described!

I got it for $125 which is a bit much for me to be spending on a chair with my budget but your video and comments have sold me on this one. I unintentionally got the leather finish but I’m not all that upset about it. Leather should be nearly as comfortable and as durable if not more so I’m excited to receive it.

toomuchmiko says:

hi, does the seat tilt forward for a waterfall effect?

Brian Mckenzie says:

They’re made in china. Does that mean it comes lased in lead?

J Sam says:

how is the chair fairing now?

Dipo Rowaiye says:

how much is this going for???

Bill Cosby says:

Nice video! been looking for a good chair but they were like300$

A Wessex Gunner - 0161 says:

£550 in Britain… LOL I’m f#cked!

M Shea says:

Great review! I have a few questions. Does the back tilt? If so, how far does it tilt up? I like to sit straight up for good posture while working (almost 90 degrees). I hate reclining while I type. Also, what does that knob underneath the bottom of the seat do? Thanks!

Francisco Castillo says:

what is the nob at the botom for?

NoodleCity says:


D Tortss says:

Hey man, great review, just wanted to ask a small question about this here chair. When I order it from amazon.com, how do I put it together when it arrives disassembled in the box? The directions are hard to read and I’m not too savvy about building this either. I need this for my bad back and I can’t even assemble it and use it. Thanks for the great review again, have a good day. sincerely, an old rusty man.

hollywoodfrodo says:

It’s a great one!

qiu pan says:

Hello, watch your video, feel good for making, i want to work with you, i have an office chair need to make a comment video about time in about 2-3 minutes to see if you are interested in cooperation?

Eric Wrye says:

+J Sam Still great! Honestly, if it had worn out by now and I had to buy a new one I’d still rave about it since it’s been over 3 years, but it hasn’t worn out!  It’s still comfortable for me and the cushion is still good.

Rophoenix says:

Thank you I’ll check it out!

Captain Sunday says:

Good review.  I wish you’d done a side view while sitting down.  Because the height of the armrests are often an issue.  I’m going to order this online based on your review.  If the armrests end up being too low plan on being sued. 

Dipo Rowaiye says:

Disregard, saw the link.. nice review though

The1onewolf says:

Thinking of grabbing this on amazon after watching your review.
Since you mentioned that you’ve tried many chairs, would you recommend this over the Ikea Markus (another highly recommended chair)?

James Barnett says:

This is the problem I found with most chairs. I have to sit and do homework and study for long periods and eventually there is no padding support and I end up hating the chair. I’m looking for the chair that holds up. This looks good I’ll check it out. Thanks

Eric Wrye says:

Glad you found the link and thanks for watching!

Fahad Shah says:

This chair has been in my Amazon cart for a while

hollywoodfrodo says:

It’s definitely worked out great for me. The cushion
shows almost no sign of wear! Still very comfy.

hollywoodfrodo says:

thanks – it’s a great chair.

James Ram says:

How much does it cost ?

Daniel, The Satanist says:

awesome chair

David K says:

What do you do working from home? I wanna be just like you.. Handsome, white and successful.

manspiderkgb says:

Can’t seem to buy this anywhere for the UK, what a shame.

Carl Almodovar says:

heuheuheu, when I heard you say it has an adjustable tilt,  i realized my chair had that too. My whole world’s a lie.

The Red Mammon says:


Cam Kasmiersky says:

Thank you so much for making this review! I threw it straight on my birthday list. lol, good video man.

Jeong-hun Sin says:

Did I hear it correctly, “caster riser”? I have never heard of it before. The thing you said we can use to elevate chairs. How can they elevate chairs with wheels and where can I find them?

Arturo says:

Picked one up, Thanks!

suchi says:

jay baruchel

Douglas Smith says:

Nice review.

nullobject001 says:

I like a chair that can almost act like a rocking chair, I’ve seen some where only the back tilts, not the back and seat together, which is what I prefer, does this chair function like that? Thanks!

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