Lazy Chair Reviews – Viva Mesh Office Chair

Overview and commentary on the Viva9699F1 high back mesh chair from Viva Office. Has Darth Vader’s helmet as a headrest, apparently. Supplied by the company for review!

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Nico Vercetti says:

One of your funniest Videos hahaha

Sin Vraal says:

So, what would you say is the *best* chair?

Decio Silva says:

thanks. you’re honest and you don’t kiss ass! xD

steffalup says:

I really love how completely honest you are about things like this, its really helpful and refreshing.

Crow7878 says:

LGR, you must review the Aeron chair at some point. They are part of a period of PC history that could make for a good review since they are iconic of it. They have one as part of a collection at the Museum Of Modern Art ( There was a pretty great article on it in New York Magazine called “Remembering the Dot Com Throne” that I recommend you read ( They had this line that should be a good quote for your review, “They became shorthand for the countless companies that didn’t have a clue how to make money on the Internet, but, man, did they know how to set-up a cool office.”

Groovy says:

$299,00 for a refurbished Stealcase leap chair ($1100.00 new) from local office supply dealers all over the US, your back will thank you

Charles Balliet says:

guess thats the last free chair you’ll be getting sent 🙂 great review altho I’m looking at the cheaper lorell 85560

keroji s says:

LGR should open a new channel that devote to only chair reviewing.

Stoop says:

I like how ur reviewing ur chair outside.

Cameron In Canada says:

Can LGR or LGR fans tell me what LGR those for work besides youtube?

chere100 says:

I do kind of want that chair. Looks comfy.

Ash Kitt says:

Review an Aeron chair! It’s a classic!
Also, review an Eames lounge chair!

bigemugamer says:

$600 for a chair… sure no problem, i can see that, but when you didn’t point out any heating or massaging ability or any built in gaming rumble or dolby digital audio system i wondered… how is this $600!?!? but if i were going to drop $600 on a char, I now know it won’t be this chair, to many problems, thx for the awesome review LCR =D

Josh B says:

The look on Clint’s face when the back lock fails is consistently hilarious to me.

Andrewyn says:

As a former interior design student I can tell you chairs are a big deal in the design world, maybe why they are so prevalent in the Sims games. Love your videos, btw. <3

BurnRoddy says:


B.L. Alley says:

Definitely not a $600 chair.

Jamie Fiallas says:

or you can buy one generic one on ebay for $65.

First Name Last name says:

Wtf 599 USA

piperlovegood13 says:

Being a small person(4 10″, 110lb) who’s not a little person, with spinal problems. A perfect chair is hard to come by. I haven’t bought an office chair. I was just given a huge one by my aunt and traded with my brother for his smaller one. I threw one of them sit up pillows in it and it work alright. 600 on a chair is a bit crazy though. BTW I love your chair jokes.

Teccha the Fox says:

“It’s a movement party, and all the pieces are invited.” …Okay then…

gaming gamer says:

I don’t want a chair much more expensive graphics card which is the most expensive thing in my build. Lol.

CamoGecko154 Joshua Pennartz says:

This chair was 40$ on ebay. Same chair generic brand.

Colton Rushton says:

All you have to do is make a lock for the back which is actually decent… And make a lock for the armrests…

ImmortalInflames says:

Seems like a well balanced review, not pandering to the company, but simply telling it how it is. LGR respects his viewers! =]

I often find myself checking out the computer chairs at Ikea, large range in one place.

Justus * says:

Chairs are your specialty

Adams Brew says:

You can get a fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron (with headrest) for just a couple hundred dollars more than this ,($800) through an Amazon retailer called Madisonseating … They usually go for over 1k , but these are discounted due to being openbox returns or something of the sort — Mine had the original tags and not a scratch or blemish, brand new as far as I could tell, they just aren’t allowed to list it as “New” ..

Just got mine via Fedex today and judging from my experience already, it’s built like a tank vs the one you’re reviewing here looks like a Pinto in comparison. Can’t believe that thing cost $600, as wobbly and unreliable as it seems.

Kaffeebohnson says:

Looks a bit flimsy, tbh.

The New Channel says:

Well you know what I like more than chairs….. KNOWLEDGE

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